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When was Kojacon Report established?

It all began after the team got the chance to attend Sundown Festival in Singapore 2012. We realized that many Indonesians still need more information about the Japanese events hold in the close region. They also need to get to know about the entertainer closer with the use of English language since the language may become the biggest obstacle to know more about the entertainers. Then, Kojacon Report began with the realisation of the website in December 2012.

What is Kojacon Report?

Kojacon Report is a non-profit semi-blog website maintained by Indonesian team who goes to selected Japanese live shows and/or performances in close region, and is reported in English.

What is Kojacon Report’s purpose?

Kojacon Report  is available for those who look for information concerning our selected Japanese entertainers; events, interview, releases and pop cultures news, and  also about the events of its partners (if becoming media partner of an event). Anyone can visit and use the website for non-commercial purpose.

Kojacon Report is founded with the intention to promote Japanese entertainment mainly in Indonesia and since it’s reported in English, we hope to bring the info to larger readers in close region. Various promotion methods are used, including co-operation with other websites or various events.

Any possible grants and donations are always used for the purpose of the website.

What is Kojacon Report icon?

Kojacon Report has a fluffy and friendly character icon named Koji. He loves playing music, doing costume-play, and learning Japanese kanji. Koji resembles the active and cute fan who loves Japanese culture. You are not allowed to use Kojacon Report’s logo without any permission from Kojacon Report Team for any commercial use that can bring harm and misuse to the image of Kojacon Report.

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