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Adestya Ayu November 1, 2012 Music Profile, Profile 1,185 views

alsdead new look

ALSDEAD is an alternative metal band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in December, 2008. Members are Maki (vocal), Shin (guitar), Yosuke (bass), and Setsua (drum). Their music can be described as an aggressive, yet melodic metal sound, fused with electronic musical elements. The band’s concept is to create music that assumes mental disorder to be basis.

Former member –> Reito (bass)

Official Website
ALSDEAD Staff BLOG | ALSDEAD Official Twitter
MAKI – Identity BLOG | MAKI Official Twitter
Shin – No Gravity BLOG | Shin Official Twitter
Yosuke – Hidamari no Uta BLOG | Yosuke Official Twitter
Setsua – Take it Easy BLOG | Setsua Official Twitter

Regular Show

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