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MISIA is a Japanese singer, songwriter and record producer. She was born in Tsushima Nagasaki on July 7,1978, then moved to Fukuoka at the age of 14 to pursue her dream as a singer. She was signed to BMG Japan in 1997. Misia was prominent since her debut album, Mother Father Brother Sister (1998) became the 7th best-selling Japanese debut album of all time. She gets more famous since her song titled “Everything” from her third album, Marvelous, in 2001 came as a number-one single on Oricon single chart, the fourth best-selling single of the 2000s in Japan, and the 4th best-single by a Japanese solo female artist of all time.  Misia has released 10 studio albums and is among the all-time best-selling Japanese music artists, having sold more than 30 million records. She is one of the top-touring artists in Japan, becoming the first female artist to play all five of Japan’s largest stadiums in 2004. Misia is famed for her five-octave vocal range and is widely recognized as the first Japanese R&B superstar. Besides her musical career, Misia is also a committed philanthropist and involves herself in humanitarian causes and biodiversity conservation activities.

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