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Miura Haruma

Adestya Ayu November 1, 2012 Actor/Actrees Profile, Music Profile, Profile 1,055 views

Miura Haruma was born in 5 April 1990. He is a Japanese actor and singer. He is part of Amuse Agency and gained popularity with tv series Gokusen 3 and a famous novel-adapted movie Koizora in 2007. He starred for the first time with a leading role in drama based on manga, Bloody Monday. He has received several awards for his acting and released three photobooks. He continues growing popularity and in 2009 he starred his first stage production entitled Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida.  In 2012, again with Chikyuu Gorgeous, he starred in his second stage production called Kaitou Seven and this year (2013) with Shinkansen, he acts in a play entitled ZIPANG PUNK Goemon Rock III.

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