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Adestya Ayu November 1, 2012 Music Profile, Profile 1,073 views

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SID, a Japanese visual kei rock band, was founded in 2003 by vocalist Mao (ex-Shula) and bassist Aki (ex-Ram Rem). They were joined by two support members, guitarist Shinji (ex-Uranus) and drummer Yuuya (ex-Shula). The four of them released the band’s first demo CD, Yoshigai Manabu 17-sai (Mushoku) on mini-disc that August and soon after, they signed on with Danger Crue Records.Though SID technically began in 2003, the band considers January 14, 2004 the date of their ‘birth’ as it was announced at their show at the Meguro Rock May Kan that Shinji and Yuuya would be joining as official members.

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