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Miura Haruma in Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida [16th June 2009]

Adestya Ayu February 23, 2013 Featured Content, Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,616 views
Miura Haruma in Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida [16th June 2009]

I rewrote several articles from my old blog here. This time is my experience to watch Miura Haruma’s stage play (butai) at Umeda Art Theatre in Osaka 16th August 2009.

 photo umedaart1_zps7f12d8c3.jpg
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Haruma Miura is a popular young actor in Japan.  I watched his movie titled Koizora in the previous year and I decided to watch his stage play if I go to Japan. I went to the ticketing office at Umeda Art Theatre but the officer said that since the casts are popular, the tickets are sold out quickly. Luckily, I got the ticket from ticket.co.jp. The price is not much different but my seat was not really good. I hope I bought the more expensive ticket that time.

Anyway, Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida is produced by a theatrical group Chikyu Gorgeous and this production is the first experience of Haruma Miura in a professional stage play. The play is written and directed by Goro Kishitani. He also acted as the cast in this stage play. For everyone who is wondering who he is, he acted along Miura Haruma as his father in Samurai High School drama. He’s also the one who established the Chikyu Gorgeous group along with Yasufumi Terawaki.

To tell you the truth, during the performance, I was kinda swept away by the acting of Goro Kishitani. He’s really born to perform! I really like his aura on the stage. He’s demanding, strong, and stable. No, I wouldn’t say Miura-kun is a bad actor, no, I was there because of him anyway. I would say that he nailed it. Before the show started, I checked several news. Since the performance took a long tour schedule, I found out that the actor would get sick or tired. I watched that even during a song, Miura-kun took a false pitch. I anticipated the whole time, but the performance which I watched was flawless. They’re perfect. Miura Haruma works really hard that day.

The play is a historical fantasy set during a time of great war in Japan. Miura-kun plays as a young man who loses the memory of his defeat in a battle and is washed ashore on a remote island. There, he is taken in by a woman (Yoshino Kimura) until he recovers his memory. However, to go back to the main land or to protect his new friends and his loved one will be the main decision of the plot.

I watched the stage play with a friend. We arrived at Umeda Art Theatre 1 hour before the show starts. The seats are numbered so it’s very convenience. We went earlier because there would be goods to be sold. Umeda Art Theatre is not too far from Umeda station, around 5 minutes walking from Exit 1 of Umeda Station. Yes 5 minutes, if you don’t stop looking left and right for a window shopping.

The goods which were sold are hand phone strap, pamphlet, and file. The price and pictures are as follow.

 photo goods_zpsb1c2aa2e.jpg
 photo goods2_zpse13fc53a.jpg
 photo pamfu_zps925289a3.jpg

Truthfully, after I saw a stage play, it’s addicting. It’s like watching a concert. Before the performance started, we can give a letter to our favorite actor/actress. Well just left it to the officer outside though.  After the performance was over, all the casts were lining up on the stage and bows many times, giving their best smile. Miura-kun was so cute that he kept waving, smiling and also hopping at the same time. Lol. Outside the building, some fans were waiting outside the backstage door. Unfortunately I can’t wait together with them because my friend was terribly ill so we had to go back home as soon as possible. But lucky fans who waited behind the back door may greet the actors directly. I hope I can try it next time ^^

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