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ONE OK ROCK Reveals Clock Strikes PV

karina February 25, 2013 Album Release, Releases 1,084 views
ONE OK ROCK Reveals Clock Strikes PV

It’s been annonced that ONE OK ROCK will release their 6th album “JINSEI x BOKU = (Jinsei Kakete Boku wa)” on March 6th. The album will be released in 2 editions: Limited Edition (CD+DVD) and Regular Edition (CD only). Yesterday they revealed “Clock Strikes” PV which is part of their upcoming album through their official youtube channel. Check out the jacket cover, tracklist and Clock Strikes PV below!

[Limited Edition]  


AZZS-15/¥3,300 (tax in)

[Regular Edition]

CD only

AZCS-1024/¥2,800 (tax in)


  1. Introduction~Where idiot should go~
  2. Ending Story??
  3. ONION!
  4. The Beginning
  5. Clock Strikes
  6. Be the light
  7. Nothing Helps
  8. Juvenile
  9. All Mine
  10. Smiling down
  11. Deeper Deeper
  12. 69
  13. the same as…

Source : ONE OK ROCK official Youtube Channel, CD Japan

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