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ONE OK ROCK release “Be the Light” PV to Commemorates 3/11

Adestya Ayu March 11, 2013 PV Release, Releases 1,239 views
ONE OK ROCK release “Be the Light” PV to Commemorates 3/11

As we know, ONE OK ROCK just released new album called “JINSEI x BOKU = (Jinsei Kakete Boku wa)” on March 6th. One of their song, “Be the Light” is taking a theme of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. This disaster happened exactly 2 years ago, on March 11th.

To commemorates this tragedy, ONE OK ROCK release a PV for “Be the Light”. This PV got 6 versions of subtitle, Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

“Be the Light” PV English subtitle version

“Some days just pass by and some days are unforgettable
We can’t choose the reason why but we can choose what to do from the day after
So with that hope, with that determination. Let’s make tomorrow a brighter and better day”

Hope this song can be a new power for those who left after the disaster not just Fukushima but also Aceh and any other disaster happened around the world.

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