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Tutorial – Gion Kagetsu [3rd March 2013]

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Gion Kagetsu Manzai Stage. The ticket is 3500 yen and it starts at 15:30.
Gion Sanbagarasu Show. The  ticket is 2800 yen and it starts at 19:00.

Tutorial did this manzai skit called “Kowai Hanashi”(Ghost Story).

Tokui(T) : “I don’t have 6th sense but I had this scary experience. I was walking at midnight and found this woman on the street. I felt something weird about her..  I don’t know what it was, but I felt strange about her being there. Then, when we passed, she said, “How did you know that?” (he said that in Kyushu dialect) and I was like “OMG she’s from Kyushu!??!?!??!” . I ran into my apartment right away and locked my door immediately and…. I safe…”

Fukuda(F): “Wait wait wait!!!” then Tokui san sniffed at his arms when Fuku chan touched him so..

F: “Does something come out of my hands?! Tell me then. I will try to not touch you! Then again, was she a ghost?!”

T: “donno”

F: “Why were you scared then?! She was not a ghost right?”

T: “I don’t know. I told you that I don’t have the 6th sense.”

F: “So what’s the scary thing?”

T: “So, that she was a Kyushu person.”

F: “Kyushu ghost?”

T: “I don’t know. But I know she’s from Kyushu because she had a Kyushu accent.”

F: “So what’s scary?!” He started to feel impatient

T: “She’s from Kyushu.”

F: “So…?”

T: “Maybe from Hakata. I don’t know exactly. I should ask Hanadai-san (comedy duo from Hakata lol).”

F: “……. Ok, I had scarier experience when I was a primary school student.”

T: “Do you have 6th sense?”

F: “Yeah, no one has in my family but I have. I’m a mutant.” LOl

T: “…OK, cool”

F: “There was nobody after school then I heard someone was sobbing in the ladies room. So I opened the door. Then there was this girl in white clothes and she turned and looked at me and said, “You saw me”…”

T: “………You shouldn’t have gone into the ladies room!”

F: “Nooooooooooooo!!!!! I mean, I saw that popular Hanako of the Toilet!!! “(*Hanako is a so-called toilet ghost in Japan >>this)

T: “Of course! She says “you saw me” because you are a boy. It was just lucky for you that she didn’t scream. You recorded her right? Secret filming?”

F: “No, I didn’t!! OK I have this one too. When I was a junior high school student and after school, I…”

T: “Why do you stay late at school?!”

F: “It’s none of your business!!!”

T: “Oh I got it. You tried to lick a recorder of a girl you liked!”

F: “NO!!”

T: “You are a recorder licking monster~~”

F: “What’s that?”

T: “It means you are a pervert.”

F: “No I’m not!! Are you scared of my ghost story!?”

T: “OK OK scary scary”

F: “Stop that. OK I have one more.”

T: “Oh, you do?”

F: “Yeah, I can see ghosts because I’m a mutant, right?”

T: “…OK”

F: “It was midnight like 2am and I was driving my bike in a mountain path…”

T: “Where were you going to!? You must have gone over the speed limit. You do speeding offense, secret filming, riding a bicycle without brakes…” (Fuku chan was fined before because of he didn’t put breaks on his bicycle lolol)

F: “Shut up! Every one forgot about that already!!  Don’t let them remember! It’s all boring crap!!”

T: “OMG!!!!!! Are there any paparazzi here?! See everyone!!! He doesn’t reflect at all!!! Ah, I want to write that on the internet!!!” LOLOl

F: “DON’T!!! …So I was driving and then I saw this rider and he had no head!! Yeah, I saw that headless rider!!”

T: “How can he see the front side? He can’t see anything because he doesn’t have a head!!!”

F: “Who cares!!”

T: “But it’s a violation of traffic laws!!!”

F: “He’s a ghost so it’s OK! He had an unhappy life and became a ghost, so leave him alone. He must have had a sad past.” lol

T: “I saw a ghost rider, too, but I saw only the head part.”

F: “Only the head?!”

T: “Yeah, and the head was tied up on the bike seat.”

F: “How did he do that?”

T: “Of course his body part…”

F: “It’s mine!!!”

T: “Huh? What do you mean by yours!?”


T: “But the head part is not mine.”

F: “No, it’s yours! He’d think so, too. You must take care of him!!”

T: “OK…. and police stopped him.”

F: “Eh, why?”

T: “He didn’t wear a helmet.”

I’d better not to repo about Sanba Garasu show, because… it’s full with dirty jokes which may not appropriate to be written here lol

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