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Takizawa Enbujo 2013 : Tickets are on sale!!

Adestya Ayu April 1, 2013 News 1,521 views
Takizawa Enbujo 2013 : Tickets are on sale!!

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Again, Hideaki Takizawa, a forever idol from Johnny’s Entertainment, will show his mesmerizing action with impressive shocking stunts and dance to his fans. Along with other Johnny’s Junior they will perform another Takizawa Enbujo. A highly anticipated creative lighting effects, a perfect interpretation of Kabuki and great collaboration of the entire team in this theatrical show will be a great pleasure to  be watched.

Takizawa Enbujou will be divided into 2 acts. In Act 1, Hideaki Takizawa will  show Takizawa style “Neo Japanese” and the famouse scenes of kabuki arranged in his style.  Act 2 will be “Yoshitsune” with a renewed sense of perspective.

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Fans can anticipate goods like a new version of Takki lunchbox at the theater, too.

Below are the announced cast of Takizawa Enbujo :

Lead actor & Director          : Takizawa Hideaki
Special guest appearance : Kyomoto Masaki

Violin : Goto Hiromi
Piano : Ishigaki Daisuke
Japanese classic song : Konno Takayuki
Shamisen : Muraji Shonosuke

Other Cast :
Snow Man – Iwamoto, Sakuma, Watanabe, Miyadate, Fukazawa, Abe
They Budo – Eda Tsuyoshi, Hayashi Shota
MADE – Inaba, Fukishi, Tomioka, Akiyama
“MAD” – Ikeda Yu, Matsumoto Kota
Kawashima Noeru
Shimekake Ryuya
Kyomoto Taiga

If you happen to be in Japan, please try to watch of Takizawa-san production as he’s one of the most talented men in Johnny’s Entertainment. Below, you can find how you can get the ticket.

Please use the Play Guide below if you haven’t requested tickets yet!!

-Leading actor/Producer : Hideaki Takizawa
-Casts : Johnny’s Jr.

-Performance Schedule:
Venue : Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, Tokyo
Show dates : April 7(Sun) to May 12(Sun), 2013
There will be no performances on : April 11(Thu), 15(Mon), 23(Tue), 30(Tue) and May 7(Tue)

*Please be forewarned that some performances might be already fully booked.

-Ticket price:
S-Seat 1 ticket: 12,500Yen (taxes included)
A-Seat 1 ticket: 6,000Yen (taxes included)

*Learn more(Japanese only): http://www.shochiku.co.jp/play/enbujyo/schedule/2013/4/_1_34.php#tab03

*For inquiries(Japanese only)
Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre: +81-3-3541-2600

Source : takki.us, sochiku, tackey CHANnel

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