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Superfly 5th Anniversary Super Live GIVE ME TEN [21st April 2013]

Adestya Ayu May 12, 2013 Compilation Report, Featured Content, On-Stage Reports 1,629 views
Superfly 5th Anniversary Super Live GIVE ME TEN [21st April 2013]

Shiho Ochi, mainly known as Superfly’s vocal, has a superb vocal range. I heard Superfly’s song for the first time when it became the OST for the 2008 drama, Edison no Haha. The song titled Ai o Komete Hanataba o, meaning “Put Love in a Bouquet” is a very delicate song with so many awards after that.

For the past five years after their debut, they finally hit their final performance of the final arena tour with the title Superfly 5th Anniversary Super Live GIVE ME TEN at Saitama Super Arena. Gate opened at 15:00 and the show started at 16:30.

They rocked 16.000 fans with their debut song in 2007, ‘Hello.Hello’ for the opening. They continued to bring back memories with ‘Hi-Five’ and ‘Manifest’. They sang with relaxing tone, utterly different aura with their album package. With her perfect condition, Shiho Ochi can flawlessly amaze the audience with ‘Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushi’ and ‘Rin’.

‘There were many happy moments but there were also many difficult times. I hope to show everything about me in these five years. Also, I’d like to pat my back for doing my best in the past 5 years.‘ is what she said in the middle of the talk.

‘Deep-Sea Fish Orchestra’ started out with the intense African percussion, then continued to soulful rock and roll song which was released last year ‘Force’. Actually when it comes to ‘Force’, the 16.000 audiences all sang the chorus, that it made the highlight of the show. The song they sang in the second half of the show is high tempo one that made the fans hyped up.


The setlist of the show:

M4.Koisuru hitomi wa utsukushii
M7.Secret Garden
M8.Nitty Gritty
M9.Identity no Yukue
M10.Deep-sea Fish Orchestra
M11.My Best Of My Life
M12.Tamashii Revolution
M13.Heisei Homosapiens
M14.How Do I Survive?
M15.uso to Romance
M16.Get High!! ~Adrenaline~
M19.Kagayaku tsuki no you ni
M20.Standing Ovation
M22.Ai wo komete hanataba wo
M23.Rollin’ Days

During Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo, Koichi Tsutaya appeared as special guest and joined in piano playing. Such a masterpiece!

The show was over after 3 hours and Shiho-san only had smile to the point of crying happily as she lost her words to express her gratitude towards the staffs and the fans at the end of the show.


Credit to : Tourbillon Cafe and Hideo Miyamoto. Special thanks to Barks.

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