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Tutorial – Gion Kagetsu [11th May 2013]

aria May 13, 2013 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 956 views

Ticket 3500yen, Open 15:00, Start 15:30.

Tutorial did “Singer Songwriter” skit.

Tutorial “Hello! We are Tutorial!!”

Some audiences waved their hands shouting “Tokui saaaaaaaaaan!!!” “Fuku chaaaaaaaaaan!!!” lol And some of them said “Naniwa han!!” which is Tokui san’s character in this TV show “Shabekuri007”.

Tokui(T) “Yes! I’m Naniwa han!!”

Fukuda(F) “But we are from Kyoto…” (=Naniwa means Osaka lol)

And also Tokui san said “Hi~ I’m a pervert~ Don’t be like me~~~” to kids lol

T “I think I can’t work as a comedian anymore”

F “Huh?! What’s the matter with you?”

T “I became 38 and I noticed I have lost my sense of humor and I can’t make any joke anymore. So I wanna quit my job.”

F “Eh? Will you quit? What are you going do then?”

T “I’m going to be a singer songwriter!”

F “Hmmmm… OK I can’t stop you”

T “I have made some songs already.”

F “Oh really? Let me listen”

T “Now?”

F “Of course. If you sing at the backstage for me, I only can smile”

T “OK it’s called “Save The Earth”, the theme is the earth environmental problem”

F “Save the…….?”

T “I want you to be the accompaniment for my singing”

F “Huh?! Wait a minute!!”

T “If you think “I can’t I can’t.. Tokui~~ I’m a Tsukkomi person… All I can do is Tsukkomi~~~…”” with shaking his legs lol

F “Not that big problem!! I don’t have trauma from accompaniments”

T “OK then. The rhythm is “TingTiLungTiLung TingTiLungTiLung” like playing the guitar and wave your body and head like this”

F “Like this?” *Fuku chan pretending to play the guitar.

T “Yeah and imagine… a carrot swinging in your face”

F “carrot!?”

T “Yes and say “carrot is swinging” during TingTiLungTiLung sound”

F “TingTiLungTiLung TingTiLungTiLung carrot is swinging TingTiLungTiLung.. What kind of rehabilitation is this?!” LOL

Tokui san started singing.. but laughed and stopped singing when Fuku chan said “carrot is swinging” lol

F “What are you doing?! Sing!!!!”

T “It’s your fault!! Your “carrot is swinging” timing was strange!!”

F “So I didn’t want to say “carrot is swinging”!! But you forced me!!”

T “No!!! You committed a crime of conscience!!” lol

F “No I didn’t!!!!”

T “OK then…….. Another song.”

F “OK”

T “Dream 2013”

F “D……. Dream 2013…… lame!! Too lame!!!!”

T “I don’t care about the title. I care about the lyrics”

F “I know. You suddenly say like “I don’t care about punch line” sometimes when you make a manzai skit” lol *yeah that’s the Tutorial World I LOVE(^_^)v lol*

Fuku chan started TingTiLungTiLung lol

F “TingTiLungTiLung carrot is swinging..”

T “See!!! Your timing is strange!!!!”

F “I wanted to say “carrot is swinging!””

T “No that was your fault. and the melody of dream 2013 is “Dang Zudong Zudong Dong Dong Daaaaaang” lol

F “What!?”

T “And say “Ima desho!!” like “Dang Zudong Zudong Dong Dong Ima desho!! Don’t be shy.” lol (“Ima desho” is kind of popular saying in Japan now means “now is the time” lol)

F “When do I say that?”

T “When you think “ima desho(now is the time to say “ima desho”)” lol

F “OK…. Dang Zudong Zudong…” Fuku chan kept saying “Dang Zudong Zudong Dong Dong Daaaaaang” but Tokui san never started singing so..

F “Ima desho!!!!(means like “when do you sing? Now is the time to sing” lol)” tsukkomi-ed and finished the manzai.

Gion Sanbagarasu Event. Ticket 2800yen, Start 19:00.

Yeah THE dirty jokes event lol They talked about extramarital affair, boys love, lolita complex, masturbation, Tokui san’s breasts lol

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