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Glam Grammar Ray is leaving the band!

karina May 14, 2013 News 1,203 views
Glam Grammar Ray is leaving the band!

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Sad news for Glam Grammar fans…

Their guitarist, Ray is leaving the band! Ray posted this important notice through his official blog.

Just like what it’s been announced, I’m going to leave Glam Grammar on June 22nd due the family matter.
I’m really sorry.
I might won’t be able to full concentrate on the band life like I used to before, but my feeling about music and guitar won’t change. I’m going to continue music with my own pace.
I may take a different path with the others, but I’m still going to support Glam Grammar and will be going to their live. If you guys see me at the gig, don’t hesitate to poke me!
There’s still a time until June 22nd, I’m going to give all my might and no regrets as Glam Grammar Ray, so let’s meet with smile on our faces!
It was a short time, but for me all of the members, staffs, everyone who helped in our band project, also the fans who always supporting us, will always be a treasure in my entire life.
Thank you very much!!

Glam Grammar Ray
(translated by shiroki)

As we know, Glam Grammar just released their 3rd maxi-single “Yume no Tsuzuki” on April 17th and reached no 5 of oricon indies ranking on May 29th. Ray last live with Glam Grammar will be on June 22nd, it’s a twoman live with RUVISH at Ikebukuro EDGE.

[GuraGuraBisshu/Goka Tokuten Tsuki TwoMan LIVE!!]

Venue : Ikebukuro EDGE

Time : OPEN 18:00/START 18:30

Ticket Price : ¥3,000 (pre sale)/¥3,500 (on the spot)

Performers : Glam Grammar/RUVISH


Although this news must be shocking to Glam Grammar fans but we have to respect their decision and continue to support both Glam Grammar and Ray in the future!


Source : Glam Grammar OHP, Ray Official Blog

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