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Tutorial – NGK [16th May 2013]

aria May 17, 2013 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,077 views

I went to NGK to see Tutorial ^^

Ticket 4000yen, Open 14:00, Start 14:30.

NGK(Nanba Grand Kagetsu) is the headquarters Yoshimoto so mainly Yoshimoto leading manzaishi(manzai performers) appear and young manzaishi hardly come. So Tutorial performed the first because they were the youngest of all the manzaishi on the day.

Fuku chan wore a brown suit (yeah suit he doesn’t wear a suit usually but NGK is suuuper TRADITIONAL theatre lol) and dark green blue shirt and blue sneakers. Tokui san was in a gray suit and white shirt and black boots. They did “Kowai Hanashi”(Ghost Story).

Tutorial “Hello! We are Tutorial!”

This man shouted “Tokui!! HANDSOME!!!” lolol

Tokui(T) “Thank you. Today’s not a holiday but you people can come see a manzai stage in the daytime.. lucky you have plenty of money and time to spare” lol

Fukuda(F) “Oh nono! Thank you for coming to see our manzai today!!!”

T “I went to a popular noodle restaurant a few days ago and the noodle was yummy!”

F “Oh really good”

T “I thought no wonder it’s popular and later I heard this girl committed suicide by hanging herself there”

F “What?!”

T “I thought that’s why the noodle was good”

F “What do you mean!?”

T “She put a curse on the noodle”

F “Don’t you even know how to tell a ghost story?! You know Hanako of the Toilet”

T “Yeah”

F “When I was a primary school student, there was no one after school then I heard someone was sobbing in the ladies room. So I opened the door. Then there was this girl in white clothes and she turned and looked at me and said “You saw me” …Are you scared?”

T “Why did you go into the ladies room? Of course she said “you saw me” because you are a boy. Oh You recorded her?!”

F “No I didn’t!!”

T “Secret filimg? Groping? Maybe you take drugs?!”

F “No!!!!”

T “That’s why you are so skinny?! Your pancreas is cured, by the way? Did you really get well?! Why are you so skinny?!”

F “I’m fine!! Watch your mouth because some pancreatitis patients are here today!” LOL (7 manzaishi appeared and 4 of them have had pancreatitis before LOL like Tsuyoshi of Nakagawake was hospitalized like 5 times so far lol In their manzai, they said like “You better formed a comedy duo called “Suien’s”(pancreatitis in Japanese lol) with Tutorial Fukuda!” “Oh like.. Hello~ we are Suien’s~~~ I’m Chronic~~~(Tsuyoshi san) I’m Acute~~~(Fuku chan)” LOLOLOlOl

F “OK how about this one? When I was a junior high school student and after school…”

T “Why don’t you go home early?!”

F “None of your business!!”

T “I know! you wanted to lick a recorder of a girl you liked”

F “NO!!!!”

T “You love to stick a recorder into your mouth till you feel sick and you love it, right? You are a high grade pervert” lol

F “Shut up!! OK how about this?! I was driving my bike at 100km/h in a mountain path in the midnight and I saw a headless rider and I..”

T “100km!? It’s dangerous! You forgot about your bicycle brakes?!”

F “I’m talking about the headless rider and that bicycle brakes incident was not my fault! I was only a scapegoat!!!”

T “Scapegoat?! Oh you say so~~~~~???” lol T “100km/h must be speeding offense”

F “No I know this 100km/h mountain path!!!!” lol

T “OK I saw a ghost rider too. But I saw only the head part”

F “Huh?! Only head?!”

T “Yes the head was tied up on the bike seat”

F “How did he do that?”

T “Of course his body part did it for his head”

F “Oh it’s mine”

T “What do you mean by yours?! You always say it’s yours!!”

F “Because it’s mine”

T “…OK and then police stopped him.”

F “Why?”

T “Because he didn’t wear a helmet.”

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