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SID Exclusive Interview [23rd May 2013]

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SID Exclusive Interview [23rd May 2013]

Dear Kojaconists,

Here we released the article of Kojacon’s interview with SID. SID is a Japanese visual-kei band that was founded in 2003.  Reaching their 10th anniversary, they’re now in Singapore to perform in Music Matters Live 2013 with the fellow band, flumpool and WEAVER. The interview from Yuuya’s cheerfulness to Mao’s fashion sense, made us know SID deeper.

Q : The first question is for Yuuya-san. In front of the public, Yuuya-san’s character always seems cheerful, but is there actually thing that can make you irritated?

Yuuya : Yes, of course. I do feel irritated when I’m working on a song, but it doesn’t go right. I don’t like that moment when I get stuck.

Q : Next question is for Shinji-san. We heard that Shinji-san loves gardening. Could you tell us any interesting story with your harvest?

Shinji : Yes. (he nods and paused that keeps everyone laughs).
Once I got tomato seeds from fans, I started to grew it but since it was on midst of summer time it didn’t work out. I couldn’t harvest any tomato in the end.

I haven’t tried growing spring onion (negi), but I really want to grow one. In the future I want to own a farm, too.

Q : What do you feel of having many fan boys outside Japan?

Mao : We don’t differentiate fans, whether they are boys or girls. Nevertheless, if we play in small club we tend to tell the audience that there are small girls in the audience. So at least the boys or bigger audience can be careful with the small ones.

Q : SID will release a single called Summer Lover in July. We know it’s a secret but could you tell us a little hint about the single?

Mao :  This summer we will hold a tour, so in that tour, hopefully the new single will be the highlight of the tour.

Q : Mao-san likes to update his fashion pictures in the blog. Do you have any favorite fashion model?

Mao : I don’t have any role model for my fashion, but I got many advice from people around me about my fashion.  Those advice really give me an insight about fashion.

Q : Please leave a message for your fans in Indonesia who can’t attend your concert.

Mao : We’ve been receiving many twitter messages from Indonesia that we know they’re many fans there and hopefully we can visit Indonesia in the future.

Thank you SID for having a short interview. We’re hoping to catch up with this great band in Indonesia too. Lastly, their group shot after the interview and their autograph for Kojacon.

 photo sid.jpg

 photo sidsignwatermark_zps281e4b39.jpg

Special thanks to : Ms.Tan from SONY MUSIC SG.

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