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UNiTE. in-store event at Jishuban Club and little HEARTS [22nd June 2013]

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UNiTE. in-store event at Jishuban Club and little HEARTS [22nd June 2013]

UNiTE. released ‘small world order’ on June 12th and they’re busy promoting their single by having in store events in several places. To go to their event all you have to do is buying the single on the chosen cd shops which arrange the events. For example, the afternoon event is at Jishuban Club, so all you have to do is buying the UNiTE.’s cd at Jishuban Club to get the in-store event ticket. Usually the cd sold for event is easily sold out, or perhaps limited by time. To make sure you get the cd with ticket event’s invitation, it’s better to ask someone you know to buy it first for you.

 photo unite12_zps776c5bd9.jpg The cds you have to buy to get the in-store event is only 2000Yen!!!

Kojacon came to Jishuban Club in the afternoon on 22nd June but it’s packed with fans and we don’t get the ticket either. We might get the ticket eventhough we are late. All you have to do is ASK! Ask to the staffs whether the ticket is still available or not, is it sold out or not. Since Kojacon think that we are late in buying the cd, we only went there to give presents from Indonesia, which is a banner made by our team. And it was also posted by Yui-san in his ameba here.
 photo UNiTEbanner_zps684eb063.jpg

 photo jishuban1_zps7c877086.jpgJishuban Club at Nishi Shinjuku. 

Jishuban Club is located just few blocks away after you cross from the Shinjuku nishi-guchi exit (D-5 exit). Jishuban club is in the same area with Like an Edison and Pure Sound. When you stroll around those blocks, you might meet several band members too, which are… HEAVEN. lol.

Jishuban Club arranged a talk, handshake and sign events for Yui, Yukimi and Haku from UNiTE. The event was pretty long. Around 4 hours. We didn’t really know what happened inside since the event was very private and in a really super small place, so it’s really flocked with fans only.  All you have to know is you can’t camp around the cd shop. Queuing  or waiting for long time around the cd shop is prohibited. So when the ticket said you have to come at 13.00, then come that time, and when the event is ended, go back right away. The ticket has numbers on it, so you don’t have to worry about someone will take your place as long as you are not late when the staffs are arranging the queue and calling for the numbers to get inside.

Everything is so tidy here. If you don’t know know something just ask to the staffs or the other fans. They will be willing to help you but we think a low level Japanese conversation is a must. The people around you may help you directly if you try to converse with Japanese and if you use English, they might run away because of their inability or their inconfidence in English. You might get shock because the fans are dressed beautifully, hence it’s the culture. Before meeting their favorite member they will dress up and do make up as beautiful as they can. Probably it’s like the politeness you do before having a date with your boyfriend. Anyway you will meet your favorite band right? So do make up and dress well a little bit won’t hurt, rather than you don’t feel confident in the crowds.

After the talk event was finished, the handshake and sign event were continued. Fans who were inside were sent outside for queuing again and called by numbers to get inside. So only few people who came inside. It was even more private. Some fans bought several cds to get several in-store event tickets and did handshake and got sign for several times. The event ended before five with all the happy face coming out from the store.

After that, we went to little HEARTS in Shinjuku only to check cds before going to Ikebukuro EDGE. little HEARTS located inside Alta Building. When you go out from Shinjuku’s JR station East Exit you will find it just across the station. You will find it right away since it’s famous with big Takuya Kimura’s bill board above the building. Even you can see the billboard on your train platform.

 photo alta_zpsc3bd00eb.jpg

Alta building has two entrances. Make sure you get inside at Kimura Takuya’s entrance. Alta building has a studio for ‘iitomo‘ every morning with Tamori-san as the mc. In front of Kimura’s entrance, it’s very famous for meeting point, so you can just enter the building from here. And then little HEARTS is on the fifth floor.

Kojacon went to little HEARTS and found the old RR and other magazines sold, apparently with the same price with the new ones lol. Basically what you find in little HEARTS, Jishuban Club, Like an Edison are almost the same. And when we arrived there, we’re pretty surprised that they were still selling UNiTE.’s cd and instore event tickets. Without any second thought, we got it and that’s exactly why we couldn’t come to RUVISHxGlam Grammar Two Man show T^T

 photo unite1_zps587a02b8.jpgThe in-store event ticket

Anyway, since the event is inside a mall so we can’t queue inside the mall. The fans queued in U-shape at exit stairs. So the fans flocked in exit stairs from first floor to 5th floor, not to mention it’s in U-shape, yup total were 10th floors then. lol. The staffs divided the tickets holder from their numbers.

Actually some fans hold several tickets to get several pictures taken with UNiTE.’s members. So when they finished taking the picture, they will go back to the queue according to their numbers to get another pic taken. What we saw in the queue at little HEARTS was pretty much the same with the one at Jishuban Club. Even some fans who came at Jishuban Club also came to little HEARTS. They corrected their make up and their hairstyle while waiting, and everyone will answer nicely if we asked them something in Japanese. We feel so glad to meet nice fans there. Usually what you have to ask is where the queue is or what numbers they hold. We can just wait in places area near our numbers, you don’t have to wait in the last queue. The staffs of the shop will also call out the numbers everytime and check floor to floor. Just pay attention to numbers shouted. You have to make sure you understand numbers in Japanese though.

The event is only lasted for a while. We took a picture with UNiTE.’s  member available for that event; LiN, Mio, and Yui, then the staffs gave us the cheki (polaroid picture) and we have to go out right away. There’s something funny happened before our photo was taken, since we’re so nervous, when the staff was asking whom we want to take a photo with, we lost our memory a bit and forgot UNiTE.’s name lol. It’s our first time btw so we’re really nervous. When finally we met UNiTE.’s member, we said to them we’re coming from Jakarta, they looked surprised and smiled wider and said ‘Terima kasih” (in Bahasa). We really felt their sincerity.

Thank you UNiTE. for the amazing memory!

We hope to catch your live soon!


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