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Akemi Oshima released VK guide book

Adestya Ayu July 26, 2013 Book release, Releases 1,508 views
Akemi Oshima released VK guide book

Probably, fans of visual kei bands are already familiar with Akemi Oshima. She’s one of the leading visual kei writers and now she’s the producer of NINJAMAN. Recently she also made a visual tv program called Viju☆Love☆Cafe in order to promote more vk bands. You can check this program HERE and watch the back episodes.  To get more updates about Akemi Oshima, you can also add her facebook page HERE.

The latest book that she has written since last summer is this – Visual Rock Perfect Disc Guide Book -.

Perfect guide book for fans of J rock artists was sold publicly on 18th July 2013! “Visual Rock Perfect Disc Guide” introduces 500 visual kei CDs released for 25 years. It also features round-table talk on history of visual-kei rock scene with Chisato (PENICILLIN), Keiyuu (Kra), and Subaru (Royz), chronology, fashion, columns about concerts, introduction of overseas visual kei bands, and plenty more.

You can order it HERE with the price 2200 Yen (exclude the shipping fee and tax). Be sure to grab it if you want to know about VK bands more ^^

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