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NON STYLE with KTV [24th August 2013]

aria August 24, 2013 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,275 views

I went to “NON STYLE ga Terebikyoku no Hito to Live Shitemimashita Kansai TV-hen ~Tettei Touron! Dousuru? Dounaru? NON STYLE~”(means like “NON STYLE tried to have a live with KTV(TV station in Osaka) ~In-depth discussion! What do we do? What will happen? NON STYLE~”) lol (>>The MBS one’s repo I went on the 10th!)

Ticket2000yen, Open19:15, Start19:30, Finish21:15, Place 5up Yoshimoto.

The guests were Hiroyuki Yamamoto(Announcer), Masao Nakanishi(Gossip Reporter), Naohisa Kishimoto(TV Scenario Writer), Yuujirou Takayama(NON STYLE’s Manager LOL), Kirin Tamura, GAG ShounenGakudan Miyato, Kamaitachi Hamaie, Wagyuu Kawanishi, Maki Fukuda and Mari Kotera of Yoshimoto Girl’s Unit Tsubomi.

They talked about NON STYLE’s future lol like to be more popular, they better do it or better not do it.. or something like that.

NON STYLE is the championship title in the M-1GP 2008! So their manzai is GREAT. But the manager said they should make another strong point because there are so many manzai-shi!

Ishida “Like what?”
Manager “Like… let audiences know that you two are good friends” LOL
Inoue “Huh?! How can be good friends a strong point?!”
Manager “But you two are thick as thieves” (NON STYLE were classmates since they were 13 but Tutorial were like 5yrs old so even Non Style can’t win Tuto lol)

They will be working together in 10yrs?

Inoue “I need you!!”
Ishida “I don’t need you!!” lol cute.

For their kouhai comedians, Inoue is very kind and good to his kouhai, and Ishida is like chivalrous kind of hot blooded lol When Ishida is drunk he always has a quarrel with someone lol Like before he hit Chidori Nobu at a bar and afterward Chidori Daigo beat him up LOL I watched his live broadcasting movie before where he was drinking with his kouhais and… biting kouhai’s arm and it went all red lololol

KTV person told them to make something heroic episode like go to a volcano and get a magma and come back LOL Then TV Staion’s people will ask them to be on TV because it’s fun LOL

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