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3000 fans go wild in MUCC Free Live at Amerika Mura, Osaka

Adestya Ayu December 2, 2013 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,531 views
3000 fans go wild in MUCC Free Live at Amerika Mura, Osaka

MUCC’s free live was held in Osaka Shinsaibashi, America Mura’s triangular Park on Sunday, December 1st, 2013.

The venue of the free live event was announced suddenly on Wednesday, 27th November during the performance at Shinkiba Studio Coast. Despite the sudden announcement, many fans have already gathered since morning. The show schedule was at 13.30, and when it was almost the show time, number 69 was displayed on the street’s screen. Fans who waited roared, starting the countdown together.

When the countdown reached 0 (zero), the screen rolled up slowly and the fans gathered at the park started to clap try to fit with the SE 「ホムラウタ」 (Home Router) being played then MUCC appeared. In the fans’ cheers which was more likely to be screams, the ‘World’s End’ was starting and then was continued with “GG”. The vocalist, Tatsuro said, “Although the time (to perform) is very short, but please enjoy the show!”.  The heat in that Sunday afternoon was getting hotter and when Nirvana was played, the whole area of the venue sang the chorus together.

With that strong performance on stage, fan’s energy continued to rise and the sight became like a live house in the city in broad daylight. A lot of passerby also stopped walking to watch the show.

Since there’s no more time, Miya shouted, “Last! Let’s play!”, then 「蘭鋳」 (Ranchu) was played. All audiences were asked to sit down and then jumped on the count of four. About 3000 people gathered around the venue that time also reached their climax.

Unfortunately, because there were too many people gathered there, it became dangerous and police came then commanded to stop the performance. It’s really unfortunate but the performance was stopped just like that in a sudden. Anyway, as it had been announced in the monitor during the free performance, there is no doubt that MUCC 2DAYS CIRCUIT 2013 FINAL “Hypnos vs Thanatos Z -神と神ドーンΣ(゜Д゜)-” will be in Osaka Orix Theater December 22 (Sunday).

General ticket date of the final performance at ORIX theater will start on December 7th, 2013, and prior to it, pre-sale ticket can be bought now through every Play Guide.

If you haven’t got the ticket yet, please check it out!


■MUCC 2DAYS CIRCUIT 2013 FINAL “Hypnos vs Thanatos Z -神と神ドーンΣ(゜Д゜)-“
2013年12月22日(日)Osaka ORIX Theater GATE  OPEN 16:00 START 17:00
【Ticket Price】Advance Ticket¥5,800(Tax Included)OTS¥6,300(Tax Included)
※All seat reserved, no preschoolers allowed.

【Play Guide Pre-sale】
受付中~2013年12月4日(水)18:00 http://bit.ly/18wUkoP
受付中~2013年12月6日(金)18:00 http://bit.ly/1eFr91i
2013年12月3日(火)18:00~12月5日(木)21:00 http://bit.ly/IDWKq5
2013年11月23日(土)10:00~12月3日(火)22:00 http://bit.ly/1cLwraf

(問)キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

◎MUCC『World’s End』MUSIC VIDEO (short ver) See it now!http://youtu.be/5amxP5B_z04

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