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Adestya Ayu December 3, 2013 Live Report, On-Stage Reports 1,888 views

We meet again, Singapore!!!

To be honest, Singapore was even hotter than Jakarta that day. The weather was unbearably humid and we felt hard to breath when the live started. Anyway, the location of the live is pretty far from the heart of the city this time. It’s at The Coliseum at Sentosa Resort Area. From Changi Airport, we went to Vivo city after transferring at Tanah Merah Station, Outram Park Station and then head to Harbourfront Station. In Vivo City, there’s a Sentosa Express which will cost you 4SGD for the Sentosa transportation. Singapore transportation around the city is very convenient!

When we arrived, it’s already 5.30pm. The queue was no joke. Many fans already sat around the venue complete with One Ok Rock printed shirts and rock ornaments. Some were handing black tape and scissors since they wanted to have a fan project this time. The fan project was having this X sign on our hands during the Clock Strike performance. Most fans I saw in the queue already had this X sign on their hand, either they put the black tape or drew it with marker.

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013

Doors opened at around 7pm and everyone was like.. dashed at the stairs inside the Coliseum so that they can reach the front row. It is pretty dangerous, but we ran!! Ok…don’t try this at actual concert, lol. But we really wanted to be at the front this time.

Coliseum is an outdoor area. Compared to any Jakarta outdoor area, perhaps this area is only half of the Parkir Kolam Renang Senayan area. We managed to be in the third row but during the first hour waiting for the show to start, we already bathed with sweat. Although the venue was fairly huge, but with the hot and humid weather and only occasoinal cool breeze coming, some fans barely breath.

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013

During the wait, people started to push forward. It was like disaster because skin to skin, sweat to sweat were becoming mixed lol. It was pretty disgusting actually, but other fans were friendly so we didn’t mind. Everyone took a deep consideration and asked for sorry and permission if they wanted to head bang or waved their hand… or jumped. But pretty much many people suffered from the heat and the moshing. We know that there’s proper concert etiquette in some bands, but we hope that even it’s a rock band, as audience we will be a good audience, who avoid hurting others around and not being rowdy.

About 8pm, finally One Ok Rock came out on stage. Fans went crazy and the pushing and moshing started to be out of control. We maintained our position while everyone around us was pushed and surrendered then being taken away by the security guards to get the first aid. We’re not sure with the back side, but the front row was totally crazy, it was chaotic! Everyone was very hyped and didn’t care with the weather or the fatigue. We were pretty worried with some audience around us because they look so pale that they might faint anytime. Fortunately, the promoter knew how to make us stay sane. They distributed the water continously. It was a life saviour during the live. As long as we got the water, the show can always go on lol.

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013

 ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013
ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013
ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013
And here goes the setlist:

1. Intro: Where idiot should go-
2. Ending Story??
3. Deeper Deeper
4. Nothing Helps
5. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.
6. Let’s take it someday
7. Jibun ROCK
8. Clock Strikes
9. Be the light
10. Liar
11. Answer Is Near
13. Re:make
14. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
15. The Beginning

16. Wherever you are

In one song, Taka came down from the stage and stood leaning on the fence that we can touch him. Well, we did touch him because we’re right in front of him that time. Then also, in the encore, Taka sat down cutely on the stage with his feet hanging from the stage edge and everyone started to sing together with him on this particular ballad number. What we saw in that performance was that One Ok Rock felt so relaxed. They made some improvisations in song arrangement, and maybe they’ve already felt that Singapore is their second home who can accept their music well.

Despite the rowdy moshing, we really enjoyed the live. One Ok Rock completely blew us away with their great music and their energy is really a top notch, knowing they just finished the live at Kuala Lumpur the day before.

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013
Thank you Singapore! Thank you One Ok Rock! Next stop is… Jakarta!

ONE OK ROCK Singapore 2013

Picture source : Alvin Ho for LAMC Production

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