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WEAVER talks about their music development [Part 3/end]

Adestya Ayu December 8, 2013 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,227 views
WEAVER talks about their music development [Part 3/end]


K : The Indonesian fans are commenting that Sugimoto’s vocal keeps getting better and better. Do you have any secret to share to keep your vocal getting better like that?

Sugimoto : Really? Hmmm.. well.. since I did  a lot of vocal training so hard, so maybe that influenced my vocal. And yeah, my singing skill might be improving. But this year, since we went a lot overseas, we met lots of new people, for me who was quite a negative person before, it helps me to change to a better person, mentally. I am getting more confidence to myself and become more positive.

K : Recently you also play guitar, right? Why do you start to play guitar?

Sugimoto : As you know, we’re piano rock band. It’s our originality. The sound of piano will always be in our song. But during live performance, we want to do something to amaze the fans. Like fireworks which always surprise people by the loud sounds, we want to surprise the fans, too by doing something different.

K : And about Haru Ni, which was sung by Okuno-san. Do you have any plan to sing another song next time?

Okuno : Originally, I like to sing. For Haru Ni, there was no time to prepare, because everyone had their own song. The other members are like ‘why don’t you try sing it yourself?’, and I ended up singing the song myself. Maybe next time I will propose another song to the members so that I can sing again.

Sugimoto : No way.. (laughs)

K : Anyway, the time is up and we’re really grateful for your time. We hope to see you soon performing in Jakarta.

WEAVER : We will!! Please look forward soon for us!

*WEAVER video message can be checked below*

Special thanks to the fans who managed to give presents for WEAVER despite the sudden notice, AMUSE Inc. for the chance, and WEAVER for the time. See you soon.

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