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Exclusive Interview with TarO & JirO at J-Music LAB,Jakarta [December 7th, 2013]

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Exclusive Interview with TarO & JirO at J-Music LAB,Jakarta [December 7th, 2013]

TarO & JirO are guitarist brothers who just made their debut album in 11 December 2013. They came to perform in Jakarta during J-Music Lab in Jakarta on 7th December 2013 for two slots. When we watched their live, the energetic and lively music made the stage hot!! TarO (the older brother) actively asked the audience to scream and jump, and he even went down from stage during the performance. The uncommon things that we can see in their performance is that we can see they fight on the stage this time. Wait…fight?? Yes!! They fight with their music on stage!

So, do they have a word for their performance in Indonesia? Here’s the exclusive interview with them!

Kojacon(K) :  Welcome to Jakarta!

TarO&JirO : Thank you!

K : So, how’s your impression about Jakarta before and after coming here?

TarO : The same!(laugh)

JirO : Before it seemed really hot but actually it is VERY HOT! (laugh)

TarO : Yeah, and it’s also very humid. People are also very smiley.  Indonesian are very nice people but the city is a little bit noisy … bruuum .. bruuum (imitating the sound of the car). It’s like Tokyo.

K : So did you encounter the traffic jam in here?

TarO : Yeah, last night when we came here.

JirO : Last night, we were going to the hotel, and there was a little traffic jam.

K : You’re going to release your album on 11th December right? Can you tell us a little bit about the album and the content?

TarO : Yeah, you have to buy it because it’s a very good album. (laugh)

K : Do you guys only sing in Japanese, or some in French and English?

JirO : We sing in English, Japanese and also a little bit French.

K: We heard you said ‘Comment cava’ during the live today.

TarO : Yeah, we sing a little bit French in that song! (suddenly sing part of the song with French lyrics)

K : Basically you’re mixing some languages in that album.

TarO : Yeah, because we went to many countries, it’s only natural that we use different languages in our songs.

K : You came to Jakarta last night, did you have a chance to eat Indonesian food?

TarO : Yes and thanks to that my stomach is exploding now.

K : (laugh) What did you eat?

JirO : This lunch we had Nasi Goreng with goat (*actually it’s Nasi Goreng with lamb beef). People told us it’s really stinky but it wasn’t. It’s spicy though.

TarO : And the drink, what’s the drink? Durian? It’s smelly.

JirO : We tasted it and I can’t finished it. I just took a sip…and oh no… (laugh)

K : This month is a christmas month, what do you expect to get for your Christmas present?

JirO : Actually we had concert in Christmas in Japan, so we expect many audience to come to our concert. It’s in a live house in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. The venue is Club 251.

TarO : Will you come?

K : Sure, we hope we’re in Japan that time. Anyway, thank you for the interview and we wish you a big success.

TarO&JirO : You’re welcome.


And that’s a wrap! Their performance in Indonesia was really amazing. They brought the audience to another level of excitement in J-Music Lab. For everyone who is still in lost about their music can check their twitter and facebook account:

twitter: https://twitter.com/tarojirock

facebook : facebook.com/taroandjiro

Special thanks to SONY Music Indonesia and J-Music Lab Jakarta

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