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Indonesia – Japan Expo 2013

karina December 17, 2013 Featured Content, News, Off-Stage Reports 1,382 views
Indonesia – Japan Expo 2013

The Diplomatic Relationship of Indonesian and Japan has been started since 1958. Indonesia is one of  Japan’s investment destinations and source of raw materials for its industries while Indonesia makes Japan as one of its exporting countries. Currently more than 1.200 Japanese companies operate in Indonesia and provide more than 300.000 jobs. Around 14.000 Japanese people live in Indonesia.

To commemorate 55 years of Indonesia-Japan Diplomatic Relationship, Perhimpunan Persahabatan Indonesia-Jepang (PPIJ) and The Nikkan Kogyoo Shimbun Ltd. hold an event INDONESIA-JAPAN EXPO (IJE) 2013 “Smart Community in Indonesia” on 19-22 December 2013 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. IJE is one of the biggest annual events in Indonesia. This event will be the culmination in commemorating ”55Years of Indonesia – Japan Diplomacy Relationship” which previously various activities had been done both in Japan and in Indonesia, such as Bali Dance Festival in Osaka, Indonesia Film Festival in Japan, Sumo tournament in Jakarta, The World Police Band Concert in Jakarta, Jak-Japan Matsuri in Jakarta, Screening of Japan Film Week Festival on Kompas TV, launching of Film TV (FTV) titled “Aishiteru” in Jakarta, etc.

“Japan has stood side by side with Indonesia since 1958, long before other countries made bilateral relationship with Indonesia. Until now, Japan always wants to show their commitment to Indonesia, not only for business (pocket to pocket) but also for a closer relationship (heart to heart)”, said Rachmat Gobel, the Chairman of PPIJ.

This event is supported by government, institution,and business community in both countries. This support can be seen from the participation of 150 enterprises, institutions, regional government and communities. The event will be organized by Radyatama (PT Kerabat Dyan Utama) will make a large scale event which include many activities including exhibition, seminar, discussion to art and cultural show and also community gathering.

Exhibition participants are not only companies operating in Indonesia, but also companies which haven’t been operating in Indonesia yet, but looking forward to have business partnership with Indonesia. To economists, scientists, and experts in strategic studies, this is the right moment to do evaluative studies and partnership planning so both countries can work better in the future. Many seminars and symposiums will be hold to observe both countries diplomatically, economically, culturally, be it in the past, present and future. At least there will be 5 seminars hold in IJE 2013 including Monozukuri, Green Investment; Innovation-Productivity, New Energy Development, Smart City, dan Smart Campus.

The theme for IJE 2013 is “Smart Community Indonesia”, an integrated concept in a community which have a purpose to manage natural and human resousces continously. This event will introduce and socialize new development of renewable energy, the steps to save energy, the application of friendly technology with focus in utilizing oxygen, solar, hydrogen, and other sources continously for community optimum utilization.

This event won’t be perfect without art-cultural entertainment that represent lifestyle in both countries. Some events will entertain you, including  Harajuku Styling Competition, Cosplay Cabaret, band festival, and drawing/manga contests. There’re also Taiko performance, Angklung, Dakon, Kabuki theater, Origami and Ikebana Clinic, and Indonesia traditional performance,  Reog Ponorogo.

Thousand visitors are predicted to come and participate in various activities (including Japanese who live in Indonesia). Visitors can enjoy various traditional arts, games, and gifts in the event. By visiting IJE 2013, they hope visitors will get knowledge and entertainment in the whole aspects related to Indonesia-Japan partnership for 55 years. For further information about IJE 2013, and day-to-day update, please access from their website : http://www.indonesiajapanexpo.com

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