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UNiTE. new album “Ai”

karina January 27, 2014 Album Release, DVD Release, PV Release, Releases 1,462 views
UNiTE. new album “Ai”

On 22rd January, visual kei band UNiTE. has released their 3rd album “Ai”. The album comes in three types : Limited Edition with DVD, Regular Edition Type M and Regular Edition Type L. There are two bonus tracks chosen by UNiTE.’s leader, Shiina Mio, for both regular editions. Check out the detail below!

1. アイ -’ation- (Ai -‘ation-)
2. May_A_Fly_i
3. small world order (Ai ver.)
4. At traction S
5. プログルーミー (Progloomy)
6. FCW
7. 色即是空 -イロスナワチコレソラナリ- (Ai ver.) (Iro Sunawachi Kore Sora Nari)
8. 粛清とチョコレート (Shukusei to Chocolate)
9. flower of reunion
10. ハートレス クラシックメモリー (Ai ver.) (Heartless Classis Memory)

Limited Edition
DCCL-128/3,780yen tax incl
11. アイ -’ation- (Ai -‘aition’)
12. アイ -’ation- (MV Making)

Regular Edition Type M
DCCL-130/3,150yen tax incl.
Bonus Tracks :
11. scenes
12. Invit’

Regular Edition Type L
DCCL-130/3,150yen tax incl.
Bonus Tracks :
11. アンテリナム (Anterinamu)
12. ポロメオノワ (Poromeonowa)

Support UNiTE. and buy their new album HERE! ^^

Also check out their new PV アイ -’ation-

More about UNiTE., they are going to release their new DVD on 5th March, this DVD will features their 2nd Anniversary Live on Shibuya AX last year. The price for DVD is 5,040 yen (incl. tax), you can pre order HERE

Source : UNiTE. OHP

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