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Adestya Ayu February 14, 2014 Interview, Off-Stage Reports 1,242 views


-Jellyfish in Valentine’s Day-

The second part of the interview is about Jellyfish point of view about Valentine’s Day. Cute and funny expressions during the interview are priceless. Their youth is overflowing!! They choose the questions randomly through cards, one person two questions. Let’s check their shocking answers!

Both Neita and Riyo were teasing Biyo’s answers

K : If you were a girl, who would you date in Jellyfish member?

Neita : Hard question!!! I feel that I am a gay suddenly haha… I am not a gay, ok!? Let’s clear this first hahaha…. it’s only an ‘if’ situation. Haha… Anyway, most probably I would date Tian. He’s a very attentive person, he understands me best.

Riyo : <suddenly blurted out> They often slept together!!!

Neita : Oi! Don’t spread false information haha… Well, Tian is responsive and also helpful. He often treats me for lunch if I forgot to bring money to campus haha..

Neita and Riyo cheered up the interview atmosphere

K : Have you ever been rejected by a girl?

Riyo : Fortunately, never.

K : Okay then, can you give advice to all the guys out there who have ever been in such condition to move on?

Riyo : I think everyone has the right to love someone, and also to reject someone’s love, too. People’s interests are different each other right? Everyone has their own criteria to have their own boyfriend or girlfriend and that other people should respect the preference. If a guy is rejected, they have to move on. Find another girl. Don’t be too depressed over one girl. If he’s overly thinking about it, and even stalking or disturbing the girl’s life, I think he will make both himself and the other party miserable. The girl will also hate him for sure.

K : Can you tell us your  memorable valentine’s event?

Bio : When I was in high school, I borrowed my friend’s bike and rode it to Pondok Gede area. It was very far from my house and it was already so late. Maybe around 11 pm. Geez, I arrived at the house of the girl that I like only to give the chocolate to her. After she accepted it, I went home right away. It’s unforgetable haha…

K : If you should confess your love, how do you want it to be?

Bio : I am a person who is moment-oriented. Rather than planning a lot, if I think the time is right, I will act right away. I won’t really say clearly that I love her though, I will just act more attentively and affectionately to the girl that I like.

K : Name 1 celebrity who is close to your ideal girl?

Tian : She’s CL from 2NE1. She has an overflowing charisma, doesn’t she? She is the perfect one, I think.

Tian tried to answer seriously

K : If there’s a girl who confessing her love to you, what kind of sentence  would you like to hear?

Taku : (shy) hmmm… what would I want to hear… hmmmm (thinking). Ok, this one, “I want to make both sad and happy memories with you for all my life”.

(And everyone was noisy with his answer lol).

K : Tell us 3 things that your ideal girl should have or do?

Tian : She must have oriental face haha… then she has to be independent, and also humorous. She has to be able to understand jokes and can laugh together with me.

K : Then, for this year’s valentine, what do you hope to receive from the girls?

Neita : Sneakers!! I love sneakers!! Basketball sneakers, Rick Owens one! Haha

Riyo : You probably want silver accessories too.

Neita : Yeah, it’ll be great!

K : Last one, which one do you prefer, handmade chocolate or supermarket chocolate in Valentine?

Taku : Handmade chocolate indeed. I think it’s the proof that the girl gives her best effort to make it while thinking about me. She also needs to go to the market to buy the ingredients, memorizing the recipe, and also the courage to give it to me. I think such chocolate is worth.

With the end of this special interview, we hope everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy weekend!

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