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WAKUWAKU JAPAN, the first Japan TV Channel in Indonesia

Adestya Ayu February 14, 2014 Featured Content, News, Off-Stage Reports 1,569 views
WAKUWAKU JAPAN, the first Japan TV Channel in Indonesia

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation announced today that it signed an agreeement with MNC Sky Vision, an Indonesian satellite broadcasting company under the umbrella of PT Global Mediacom Tbk., Indonesian’s largest media group, and will launch [WAKUWAKUJAPAN], a 24-hour channel that will broadcast Japanese content and information on the Indovision and Okevision satellite broadcasting services.

Broadcasts are scheduled to begin on February 22 at 5:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. Japan time).

SKY Perfect began investigating the overseas potential of Japanese content at the end of 2011 and entered into negotiations with multiple broadcasting platforms in several countries. As a part of that process, SKY Perfect decided to start with broadcasting programs in Indonesia, which is undergoing remarkable economic growth and has a rapidly expanding content market and a strong affinity with Japanese content.SKY Perfect has been making preparations to begin broadcast in Indonesia.

[WAKUWAKUJAPAN] will broadcast all made-in-Japan content, 24-hours a day, in local language. The unique appeal of the Japanese term “Waku Waku” and a sense towards Japanese content are being publicized along with the name of the channel. With the launch of [WAKUWAKUJAPAN], SKY Perfect will not simply start a broadcasting business, but is also making various preparations with several Japanese companies that are looking into or currently engaged in distributing content throughout Asia.

SKY Perfect will run television comercials on terrestrial television stations including RCTI and the other television stations. The commercials will use JKT48, which acts as a bridge between Indonesia and Japan, as a channel supporter. Commercial will begin on February 19, 3 days before the launch of [WAKUWAKUJAPAN].

SKY Perfect will also hold a live music event featuring performances by artists representing Japan and Indonesia. From Japan will be flumpool, a group extremely popular throughout Asia.


*Scenes from the event will be broadcasted as a special station launch commemorative program starting at 5:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m Japan time) on Saturday, February 22.

WAKUWAKUJAPAN will also presents ULTRAMAN COSMOS LIVE STAGE in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta, Indonesia. This event will provide children and their parents and guardians the opportunity to directly experience Japanese programming.

Ultraman, a representative Japanese hero, will appear at the event. Numerous innovations that will be first in Indonesia are planned for this event. It will be hold on February 22nd (Sat) and two performances are scheduled.

What’s more surprising is that Ultraman and ultra-heroes will also visit nearby elementary schools. So we’re looking forward for this event!

With this launching event of WAKUWAKUJAPAN tv channel, we hope Indonesian will know more about Japanese culture and are able to appreciate our own Indonesian culture more. Take the positive side that we may learn from Japan’s culture to build our nation as big as them.

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