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Adestya Ayu February 18, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,367 views

The press conference was started a little bit late, around 30 minutes behind the schedule.  However, the mc, Sophie Navita opened the event cheerfully. She explained a bit about WAKUWAKU means in Indonesian which means heartbeat with lots of examples. Anyway, later she invited the guest stars to greet the media.

Afgan came first and posed. He wears such casual outfit, yellow shirt and jeans then greeted the media. Then Bunga Citra Lestari or commonly known as BCL came after. Another greeting and pose. She is so stunning today and look so fresh. Later then JKT 48 appeared, only six members appeared though. flumpool appeared last. They greeted everyone with their never ending smile.

Sophie asked some questions to the guest stars, the first question to Afgan is about his favorite Japanese tv show. He said he loves Japanese cartoons. Then BCL answered what she loves most about Japan is the food. She loves any cuisine from Japan.

When JKT48 was asked about their favorite food, Haruka answered that she likes bakso (Indonesian meatballs), satay, and nasi goreng. Haruka  is so cute that everyone keeps praising her Indonesian language.

Finally, the spotlight, flumpool greeted everyone with Bahasa Indonesia. Ryuta said “Selamat sore, nama saya Ryuta, vokalis*” (Good afternoon, my name is Ryuta, the vocalist), then followed by Genki, Seiji then Kazuki.

They were asked whether this is the first time they come to Indonesia and how they feel to be in Indonesia. Ryuta answered that they are happy to be invited in the event. Then the mc asked Seiji whether he has ever gone to Indonesia, for example Bali, to go for a holiday. It was a sudden question to Seiji and he’s quite surprised then smiled shyly, “No, sorry.” The answer is so short that he keeps making everyone laughs with the answer.

The mc, Sophie, is so funny. She kept saying that she can’t stand with Genki’s hair which covers his eyes and asked whether he actually can see well because of the hair.

Ryuta explained that they were in Jakarta, Indonesia for four days. He said that everyone in Jakarta is so energetic. He added that the girls in Indonesia are cute and smart. Ryuta also imformed that flumpool will play 6 songs in the event, and all songs are in Japanese.

It was a very short press conference without Q&A from the reporters and it was closed with the photo session.

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