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MUCC to release new album!

Shitoshi Eka March 6, 2014 Album Release, Releases 1,995 views
MUCC to release new album!

MUCC announced that their new album will be released on June this year. More details have not been revealed yet.

Title of their new album has been finalized as “THE END OF THE WORLD” and will be released on June 25th (2 Types).

For Limited Edition you can order here. Limited Edition (3,900yen) will include CD+DVD (including “SIX NINE WARS -ぼくらの七ヶ月間戦争(bokura no shichikagetsu aidasensou)- Episode 1.「ムッP LIVES」” documentary “ブレル!?・ムッチ・プロジェクト”), and Regular Edition which you can order here (3,100yen) will include CD only.

What’s shocking is the external bonus for regular edition is that you can get a pass for a rehearsal for their concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Sep 23, 2014 (valid only in Japan).  Meanwhile the tracklist is still unknown for the moment.

By the way, right now they hold their 2014 live series “SIX NINE WARS -ぼくらの七ヶ月間戦争(bokura no shichikagetsu aidasensou)-” as follows:

March 2014: Episode 1. 8 February2014.「ムッP LIVES」Fan-club-limited Live & Member Produce Live [SOLD OUT]

April 2014: Episode 2. 8 March 2014.「VS」2-man Tour

May 2014: Episode 3.「Thanatos & Thanatos」One-man Tour

June 2014: Episode 4.「TRIANGLE」3-man Tour

July 2014: Episode 5.「THE END OF THE WORLD」New Album Tour

August 2014: Episode 6.「ARMAGEDDON」2-man Tour

September 23rd 2014: Final Episode「THE END」

Source : http://www.55-69.com/

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