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AWOI to release new live DVD in March

Shitoshi Eka March 7, 2014 DVD Release, Releases 1,283 views
AWOI to release new live DVD in March
It was announced at Awoi one-man live tour Shuusou tour final at LIQUIDROOM ebisu on January 12th will be released in this April in DVD format.
This DVDs titled “「終奏(Shuusou)」2014.01.12 at LIQUIDROOM ebisu” will be released through FACE MUSIC official web-shop on March 12th (3,675yen each), which will include 1st & 2nd half of their one-man live on January 12th respectively (10 songs each) and special footage.


AWOI’s SET-LIST on January 12th:


1- 絶望の太陽 (Zetsubou no taiyou)
2- メランコリィ (Melancholy)
3- abelcain
4- ロシアンルーレット・シンドローム (Russian Roulette Syndrome)
5- Siva
6- 哀しい歌 (Kanashii uta)
7- heaven
8- 雨と煙 (Ame to kemuri)
9- Dies irae
10- 勿忘草 (Wasurenakusa)


11- blind
12- calling
13- バタフライ (Butterfly)
14- 鈴虫 (Suzumushi)
15- レクイエム (Requiem)

1- rainy baby
2- 幸福論 (Koufukuron)
3- ゆびきり (Yubikiri)
4- screaming idol
5- コトダマ (Kotodama)


Source : http://www.awoi.jp/discography.html

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