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Adestya Ayu March 7, 2014 Most Japan 3,091 views

Most of us grow up with Doraemon animation in our local tv with local dub. This blue cat robot is an icon of our generation. I think it’s going to be so hard to overcome this phenomenal icon in the future. While maybe we watch Doraemon every week or every day, reading the whole volumes of the comic, but some facts of Doraemon might be slipped. Let’s add our knowledge about this cute blue cat robot with these interesting facts!

  1. Doraemon’s name derived from 2 words, “Dora” and “Emon”. Dora comes from the word “Nora-Neko” means stray cat. Emon is traditional additional name for male, for example, Ishikawa Goemon (another famous character).  Literally, Doraemon mean “Stray Male Cat”. Dora can also mean Gong (music instrument) so that’s why Doraemon’s posture is round like the gong. And this Dora leads to Dorayaki, Doraemon’s most favorite snack.
  2. Doraemon’s production code is MS-903. This is Doraemon’s real name as a robot and this is how he’s called in robot factory where he’s produced. This name was introduced in Doraemon special birthday episode in 2007.
  3. Doraemon is produced on September 3rd, 2112.
  4. Doraemon’s lucky number is 1293. Doraemon’s weight is 129,3 kg 285 lbs) and height 129,3 cm. He can run up tp 129,3km/hr when he’s scared and jump to 129,3 cm when his life is in danger. His maximum power is 129,3 bhp. His wrist circumference is 129,3mm,  his head and his chest circumference is 129,3 cm. His foot diameter is 129,3 mm. He’s produced in September 3rd, 2112 (12/9/3) at Matsushiba Robot Factory.
  5. Doraemon has an ex-girlfriend in 22 century named Noramyako.  She was mentioned in Additional Doraemon’s Data Volume 11. Noramyako broke Doraemon because Doraemon was too short for her after his ears were eaten by mice, and Sewashi’s family couldn’t afford replacements.
  6. At first, Doraemon is yellow. After his ears bitten by the mice, he got depression and sneaked up to a tower, where he drank a concoction labelled “Sadness”. When he cried, the yellow color faded to blue and his voice changed.
  7. According to Spin-off Serial, The Doraemons, Doraemon goes to a school called “Robot School”.
  8. Doraemon and Dorami are known as brother and sister. It’s because they were created from the same oil tank. Doraemon created earlier (2 years older). Then, Sewashi family hired Dorami.
  9. Dorami is greater than Doraemon because she can provide energy about 1000 horsepower, while Doraemon can only provide it about 129,3 horsepower.
  10. Doraemon is afraid with mice not because his ears were bitten by them. It’s Fujiko Fujio’s original attempt to create fresh humor which hasn’t been introduced in that era. With his imagination, he created the ‘reversed hunting’ (where mice scare cats, cats scare dogs, and humans scare the ghosts) as running gag in Doraemon. This gag adds comedy in the series and also gives a high impression to Doraemon which telling the audience that Doraemon is an adorable robot and safe for humans because he is scared with….mice.

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