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JAPAN : Kingdom of Characters today in Jakarta!

Adestya Ayu March 11, 2014 Highlights, Local Community Event 1,345 views
JAPAN : Kingdom of Characters today in Jakarta!

Japan Foundation today welcome you for a public exhibition in Jakarta, after the previous months the exhibition was successfully brought in Medan and Surabaya. So what’s the exhibition about this time? Taken from their press release, the exhibition will be about “characters”. What? Why “characters”?

As we grow up with Japanese characters from comic and anime in recent years, interest in Japanese subculture, particularly in anime and manga, has dramatically grown all over the world. What exactly are “characters”? Why do characters appear and become popular? What kind of social reality do they reflect? Focusing on the theme “Characters and the Japanese,” this exhibition will showcase, through visual images and panels, characters commonly known to Japanese people that have triggered fads. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce the world of characters in a broader sense and examine their impact on Japanese society.


If you have free time and want to check what ‘character’ is all about in Japan’s culture, be sure to come!


Source : http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/culture/exhibit/oversea/traveling/characters.html

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