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Capella: New Album Release & Disbandment

Shitoshi Eka March 13, 2014 Album Release, Releases 1,099 views
Capella: New Album Release & Disbandment

It was announced at Capella presents live “前衛的幸福獲得主義 (Zen’eiteki koufuku kakutoku shugi)” at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 30th that their new album will be sold in advance at their one-man live “僕と君の世界平和 (boku to kimi no sekaiheiwa)” at Ikebukuro EDGE on March 22nd, although details have not yet been announced.

And then they will disband after their one-man live in June.
SET-LIST on January 30th:
1- 極彩の猫 (Gokusai no neko)
2- 誘凪エスコート (Yuunagi Escort)
3- crossing life
4- 分岐ミス (Bunki miss)
5- 未来通信簿 (Mirai tsuushinbou)
6- Childs’ heart
1- 音々(Nene)
Title of their new album is finalized as “P.S.” and will be released on April 2nd.

1- Lyring
2- カフカ (Kafka)
3- 世壊平和 (Sekaiheiwa)
4- Rainy Re:iny
5- stars room iden.
6- 逆光センチメンタル (Gyakkou Sentimental)
7- WonderLand
8- 音々 (Nene)

Furthermore their live-distributed single (including christmas song) will be released at their one-man live “lyrical music re:cital” at Higashikouenji 20000V on May 26th.

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