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MINASE to leave D=OUT

Adestya Ayu March 23, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,367 views
MINASE to leave D=OUT

Aside from the 7th single that D=OUT going to release on May 21, they also released really sad news for all fans. During their last live show for their 7th anniversary commemoration live event Shibuya Duo Music Exchange on 22nd March, it was announced that their drummer Minase decided to leave the band the band.

It seems that he needs to continue with his family business, and after discussing with staffs, they finally decided this final announcement. It’s really heartbreaking and also fans during the live shed tears for the sudden announcement. However, from the official site, there was more details being written.

Concerning the announcement, a comment has been left on the official website for PS Company, the band’s agency.

It’s been decided that I would be leaving D=OUT due to family issues. After celebrating our 7th anniversary and going into our 8th year, many must have been excited to see what D=OUT would be bringing to them from here on out. I’m very sorry for bringing such sad news to the fans at a time like this when they have given us such enormous support.I spoke with the members and staff to see whether there was any way for me to continue with the band, and they tried there best to let me stay.

D=OUT is very important to me but my family is just as important to me. I had to choose saving my family this time. With this, my career as a musician will come to a close. Looking back on my experience as a member of D=OUT, there were many invaluable experiences for me. There were many things that I couldn’t have experienced, felt and seen anywhere else. This is all thanks to the members, staff, family, friends, and most of all, the fans. I am truly grateful.

A comment from the four remaining members, who will be sending MINASE off, has been uploaded to the official website.

It has become apparent that drummer MINASE would be putting an end to his musical career due to issues within his family. Although the members and staff all tried our best to come up with a way for him continue, but due to him being the eldest son of the family, he has decided to leave D=OUT, put an end to his career as a musician, and take on his family business. We respect his decision. We are very sorry for this sudden bad news, but we will continue performing under the currently lineup as long as MINASE’s remaining time with us allows. Although the time left may be short, we will give it our all so that there would be no regrets.

Source : official website /Translated : Barks

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