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Kameleo to release single “♪lalala♪ / Jikyuu ¥850”

Adestya Ayu March 25, 2014 Releases, Single Release 11,665 views
Kameleo to release single “♪lalala♪ / Jikyuu ¥850”

Kameleo are a Visual-kei band of five members, consisting of HIKARU. (Vo), Daisuke (Gu), Takashi (Gu), Kouichi (Ba) and Takeshi (Dr.). Having formed in January 2012, five of them are aiming for a wide range in their sound as well as in their way of presentation, adapting to the backgrounds of their time.

The sound can be described as colorful and pop-ish; creative and easy-to-understand lyrics and melody come along with subtle [flowers] and [poison].

Kameleo to release new single on 2 April 2014 as follow :

★Limited Edition A [CD+DVD]
1,800 yen + tax / DCCL-139~140

2.Jikyuu ¥850

1.LIVE at Nippon Seinenkan on 1/11/2014

★Limited Edition B [CD+DVD]
1,500 yen + tax / DCCL-141~142

2.Jikyuu ¥850

1.’Jikyuu ¥850′ MV
2.Making-of clip for ‘Jikyuu ¥850’ MV
3.’♪lalala♪’ MV
4.Making-of clip for ‘♪lalala♪’ MV

☆Regular Edition [CD Only]
1,000 yen + tax / DCCL-143

2.Jikyuu ¥850
3.Gendai Byousha
4.Kame Talk

Sampling clips from Kameleo’s new single “♪lalala♪ / Jikyuu ¥850″ out on 4/2/2014(Wed) is now available on YouTube!


‘Jikyuu ¥850’

‘Gendai Byousha’

Source : Kameleo Facebook

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