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Aqua Timez new demo song in Indonesian lyrics!

Adestya Ayu March 30, 2014 Releases, Single Release 1,350 views
Aqua Timez new demo song in Indonesian lyrics!

It’s all started at how Aqua Ttimez wanted to reply letters from the fans, they produced the new digital single titled “Tegami Henshin” which will be on sale digitally on 2 April 2014. This new song was firstly performed in their special fanclub tour held in Nagoya (14 March), Osaka (26 March), and in Tokyo (28March).

Vocalist, Futoshi said that he shamelessly revealed his weakness in this song. Some fans while listening to this song shed tears, saying that Futoshi’s feeling has been transmitted well. Futoshi responded as above describing the song created from the countless letters from fans that revealed their innermost feelings and worries. With the wishes to deliver the song to the fans as fast as possible, the demo version was released. The demo recording for this new song “Tegami Henshin (tentative) demo version” has been released in their official YouTube channel, but Indonesian can’t see it though.


While we’re searching around, this is so surprising, even for us! Our local SONY MUSIC INDONESIA has uploaded the official demo version, even with Indonesian lyrics. Does it ring a bell? Well, we hope for the best though that Aqua Timez might come and perform in Indonesia as well.

While listening to the ballad melody and reading the careful lyrics that show how attentive they are to the fans, fans witness how they are being loved by the band.

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