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Fresh start from Nakayama Yuma

Adestya Ayu April 2, 2014 Releases, Single Release 1,234 views
Fresh start from Nakayama Yuma

Nakayama Yuma today has released new single titled “High Five”. The music clip filming can also be watched on Johnny’s web!
Yuma’s long-waited single after one and half year is a dance tune filled with hope for future. The PV concept is about the hope for future and a fresh start. Don’t forget to order~~

To order the regular edition go HERE.

Track List
01:High Five
03:so Crazy
*This edition comes with a poster

To order the limited version go HERE.

Track List
01:High Five
03:High Five(オリジナル・カラオケ)
DVD: PV+making of High Five
*This edition comes with a clearfile

And also new information has just been released recently from the official web, that Nakayama Yuma has his own J-Web page now. However, NYC page and Yuma’s Uma no Ume! are still there. Nakayama Yuma’s J-Web page is listed underneath Hiroki Uchi’s J-WEB on the main artist list. In his J-Web, Yuma also mentions being happy that he’s been given his own page. He also wrote about Smoking Gun, which starts to air soon.

Previews of the Japanese versions of Yuma’s J-Web page:


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