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bump.y announced their graduation

Shitoshi Eka April 23, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,138 views
bump.y announced their graduation


bump.y is a girl idol group, founded in 2009 by Sweet Power. The concept of the group is to bring six actresses together as an idol group; the group’s name is an acronym and each member’s attributed characteristic is supposed to correspond to each component of the acronym: Brilliant, Universal, Miracle, Power, the period is intended to represent “moving freely”, and finally Youthful. However, the idol group is going to disband in late June. As the members of bump.y are now focusing on their career as actresses, the staff decided to stop their activities.

To show the feeling of gratitude to fans who have cheered bump.y until now, they will hold an event limited to bump.s mobile site member on June 29th 2014. The time and location haven’t been announced yet.


Source: Bump.y Official

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