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KAT-TUN revealed new single release date

Adestya Ayu April 26, 2014 Releases, Single Release 1,981 views
KAT-TUN revealed new single release date

KAT-TUN announced the release date of their new single In Fact. KAT-TUN will release new single on June 4, 2014.

Reported from their official site, “In Fact” is the theme song for Nakamaru Yuichi’s new drama “First Class”. Meanwhile Believe In Myself is used for Nippon Television networks professional baseball broadcast “Dramatic Game 1844” image song and Nippon Television networks “Going! Sports & News” theme song.

*FIRST-PRESS LIMITED EDITION (CD+DVD), the Limited Edition includes the songs “In Fact” and “Believe In Myself”, plus a DVD with the “In Fact” PV and making of. The First Press edition will have, besides “In Fact”, three new songs (whose titles haven’t been made public yet) and the karaoke tracks. The price is 1,400Yen + TAX. You can order here.

*FIRST PRESS REGULAR EDITION (CD), the Regular Edition includes “In Fact”, “Believe in Myself” (the new theme song for Dramatic Game 1844) an yet another currently title-less song, plus all karaoke versions of the song. The price is 1,250Yen + TAX. You can order here.

*REGULAR EDITION (CD). For regular edition, the price is cheaper than the other, 1,143Yen + TAX.  the Regular Edition includes “In Fact”, “Believe in Myself” an yet another title-less song, plus all karaoke versions of the song.

The first customers to pre-order all three of the: [First-run limited edition], [Regular edition/First press specs], and [Regular edition] versions in-store at the same time will receive a KAT-TUN “B2-size poster” on a first-come-first-served basis. (Posters will be handed at the time of CD purchase. )

Each edition has a different album cover. If you purchase all 3 versions, you can enter a lucky draw with your code(s) to win the special DVD “KAT-TUN 2014 Shinshun Katsumode Digest.”

You can apply on the promotion special site (scheduled to open on 6/3 (Tue) at 10:00) with the user code displayed on the CD cover label (the piece of paper slipped inside the wrapping film of the CD, where the title and artist name is written) on either of the [First-run limited edition], [Regular edition/First press specs] or [Regular edition] discs, using your cell phone or smart phone. One application can be done with one code (There is no limit to the number of codes you can use).

The deadline for application is on 6/8 (Sun) at 24:00.
Those who apply will be entered into a lottery, and the 10,000 winners will receive a special DVD (not commercially sold) full of a selection of the best scenes from the much acclaimed “Shinshun Katsumode” fan meeting event that was held in January in Yokohama Arena.

For more details on how to apply, see: J Storm’s official HP at (http://www.j-storm.co.jp/) where details are scheduled to be released in the near future.

Please support KAT-TUN by buying their single(s)! You can also support KAT-TUN Worldwide by clicking on the links below to make your purchase:

CDJapanLimited Edition | First Press Edition | Regular Edition | CD Bundle (includes a B2-sized poster)


Source : J Storm, pic source : Popolo 2014.06

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