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SAGA : the New Asian Super Group

karina May 2, 2014 Featured Content, News, Off-Stage Reports 1,554 views
SAGA : the New Asian Super Group

SAGA is a 3 member Neo Asian electro Pop unit consist the artists from Korea, Japan, China with a fresh electro pop vibe. SAGA will officially make a world debut in 2014. SAGA consist of three members : RAMY – Vocalist (Korea), KEVIN – Vocalist (China) and Rio – Producer (Japan)


Overcome barriers of country, language, and culture, they joined force to launch music and message for the new era. In the past, SAGA has released music in Japan and the US consisting of popular anisongs such as INITIAL D and VIEWTIFUL JOE. This year, SAGA reborn as a neo Asian unit, emerging into the world. Producer Rio has been working with huge artists such as X-JAPAN , LUNA SEA , TRF , HEY SAY JUMP in multiple project, he reboot SAGA as Japan – Korea – China unit to unite Asia and bring asian music to next world.


SAGA will debut 2014 in multiple country with very impressive ways. March in Japan , with Japanese Legendary Rock band “KUROYUME” SAGA’s new electro rock music dropped in the scene as the beginning of their rebirth. At the same time in Indonesia , SAGA have a collaboration with Indonesian No.1 Girls Group “Cherry Bell”, Collaboration of ASIAN big 4 countries makes big impression in ASIA. China with 1.3 billion people market will be the one of largest debut place for SAGA. SAGA made an entire music for the one of the largest TV drama in 2014 China , names “Next Generation”. The drama featured more than 10 songs from SAGA and it will be broadcasted for more than 500 million people through 37 episodes from starting from March. and It will be spread into all Asia countries.

Also in 2014 SAGA will organize their first world tour Include Asia , Euro , and North / South America The brand new saga of next Asian music begins here again.

[SAGA feat. RINO – ONE (hi-max CM Ver)]

SAGA is going to perform in Little Tokyo Ennichisai 2014 so make sure to come Kojaconist! ^^

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