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A naughty midnight drama for A.B.C.-Z

Adestya Ayu May 4, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,230 views
A naughty midnight drama for A.B.C.-Z

The title is a bit misleading, isn’t it? Haha~

Anyway, the five members of A.B.C.-Z  has just been confirmed.

A.B.C.-Z will star in TV Tokyo’s midnight drama titled Mahodanshi cherizu (Magical Boy Cherry’s). The drama series will reveal the member’s individuality, said Hashimoto Ryosuke.


For your information, A.B.C.-Z is a new-debuted Johnny’s idol group. They debuted in February 2012 with their DVD  Za ABC ~5 Stars~. The group’s former name was A.B.C., which stands for Acrobat Boys Club. However, it was changed to A.B.C-Z after Ryosuke Hashimoto was moved to the group.

The drama series is an action comedy where A.B.C.-Z members as the protagonists will punish the antagonist by using their acrobatic skills. The magical powers can only be used by pure men which are still inexperienced with women.

Each member will have specific characters. Hashimoto commented that the drama is really naughty. Hashimoto Ryosuke plays a lethargic high school student with no dating experience despite being an ikemen. Totsuka Shota plays a serious kindergarten teacher who is liked by everyone. Fumito Kawai is a former motorcycle gang leader who now runs a ramen shop. Goseki Koichi is an introvert, geek, and an unemployed college graduate. Lastly, Tsukasa Ryoichi plays a no. 3 club host yet emotionally thick-skinned.

The drama will start airing on June 21st at 2am (JST).

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