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The return of Yamada Ryosuke as Kindaichi Hajime!

Adestya Ayu May 4, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,705 views
The return of Yamada Ryosuke as Kindaichi Hajime!
It has been announced that Yamada Ryosuke will be the fourth successor of his seniors in the role of Kindaichi Hajime. Kindaichi Hajime is a role of a lazy high school student with great intelligence with an IQ 180. The live action of the series is adapted from a well-known manga which is written by Yōzaburō Kanari or Seimaru Amagi (depending on series) and illustrated by Fumiya Satō. The Kindaichi series, which started serialization in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 1992, is one of the earliest works in the mystery manga genre.The previous baton role has been acted by his seniors in Johnny’s, named Domoto Tsuyoshi (Kinki Kids), Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), and Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN). Yamada is delighted with the TV series decision and would immediately changes to his Kindaichi mode.

Titled Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N (neo),  NTV will make its return as a tv drama series in July 2014 every Saturday. In previous Kindaichi movie, Yamada has also appeared for “Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” (January 2013) and “Prison Cram School Murder Case” (January 2014). Although Kindaichi is a school drama mystery, Yamada commented that the audience will surely enjoy the comical side of the drama.

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