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Katahira Rina performed at Tokyo Tower Records Shibuya

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Katahira Rina performed at Tokyo Tower Records Shibuya

Coming from Fukushima, Katahira Rina caught the public attention since she won the “Special Recognition Award” at the 2011 Senko Riot Festival, a festival limited to teenagers. She debuted on August 7 under Pony Canyon label with single “Night in the Summer”. Takahiro Yamada, the bassist for ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, is her producer.

Yesterday, on May 4th, she appeared on a commemorative event for her new single “Oh JANE/Anata” at Tokyo Tower Records Shibuya.


About 500 people came to support her; there were also many people outside the store. She warmed up the venue with “Hey boy!” and showed off her ability in guitar with “Oh JANE” then another track “Come Back Home”.

Surprise guests came to support Katahira in this event, Yamada Yuki and Ohno Ito, who become the stars in LIVE movie.  Yamada Yuki said that he’s happy to be allowed to listen to Katahira’s live music. Katahira also added that she wants the listener to watch LIVE movie which uses her song “Anata” to be the original soundtrack.  Ohno Ito said sorry to burst into Katahira’s san live with laughs. She said that it’s rare to have the opportunity watching live music and that Katahira’s music is fresh.


Listen to Oh JANE!

Meanwhile, little information about LIVE. LIVE is a new extreme suspense movie directed by Noboru Iguchi (MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR, DEAD SUSHI). The film is based on the 2005 novel Live by Yusuke Yamada, best-selling author of The Chasing World and Puzzle.

The story is about  a man’s mother who is  abducted, and the kidnappers deliver a copy of the book Live along with instructions that the only way to save her is to run in a televised marathon. The man does as ordered only to discover the other runners were also forced into the race to save kidnapped loved one and all are carrying copies of the book.

As they run the race, the competitors are killed one by one. Only clues hidden in Live can help them make it to the finish line…

As stated above, Yamada Yuki and Ohno Ito are the stars of LIVE movie.

Source : Natalie. Scifi Japan

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