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R-shitei new pv released today!

Adestya Ayu May 10, 2014 PV Release, Releases 1,153 views
R-shitei new pv released today!

R-Shitei revealed the short version of their new pv titled Yanderu Kanojo.

In Youtube, there’s also this video which I think is part of the making clip showing  Mamo-the vocalist- is pushed around in a wheelchair wearing a surgical mask, mixed with clips where random people get asked if the know “Miss Depressed” (ヤンデルさん).

And here’s the short version of the PV.

The single will be released tomorrow in two different types.

Regular type is only 1200 Yen, you can order here in CD Japan.

And the Limited Edition is 1800 Yen. Support the artist by buying the original version.

Tracklist :


1.Yanderu Kanojo


Yanderu Kanojo MUSIC CLIP
Making of MUSIC CLIP

Source : OHP

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