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Exclusive Interview with THE ORAL CIGARETTES!! -The talks about Indonesia-

karina May 26, 2014 Featured Content, Interview, Off-Stage Reports 2,437 views
Exclusive Interview with THE ORAL CIGARETTES!! -The talks about Indonesia-

THE ORAL CIGARETTES is a new J-rock band from A-Sketch, consists of 4 members : Yamanaka Takuya (Vo/Gt), Suzuki Shigenobu (Gt), Nakanishi Masaya (Dr) and Akira Akirakani (Ba/Cho). They are going to have their major debut soon on 16th July with new single titled “Kishikaisei Story”. THE ORAL CIGARETTES will hold oneman tour around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, and tickets for the live scheduled in Aichi and Osaka have been sold out. Kojacon met them last Thursday and had an interview with them! Check it out!

Being a band from Nara, do you bring different music character to J-rock world?

Yamanaka : Yes, it’s the energetic live performance. If you see our live performance, you’ll understand. We are so hype on stage. Can’t wait for tonight! We’ll go all out and we’ll go crazy! Definitely, rock the stage!

Can you tell us how you met each other and decided to perform in a band?

Yamanaka : Actually we are friends from long time ago because we are from same school. We also  used to cover songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers but we went to hiatus. When we decided to come back again, we created a band with another name. He (pointing at Nakanishi) joined us because a friend recommended him to us.

Nakanishi : Yes. I was dragged along (laugh). 


   L->R : Akira Akirakani (Ba/Cho), Suzuki Shigenobu (Gt), Yamanaka Takuya (Vo/Gt), Nakanishi Masaya (Dr)

Which place in Singapore you want to go the most?

Yamanaka : We want to go to the top of Marina Bay Sands. It seems cool!

What food in Singapore you want to try the most?

All : CHICKEN RICE! (laugh)

How about Chili Crab?

All : Ah that! Yes we want to try that also!

What is your plan this year with THE ORAL CIGARETTES?

Yamanaka : We are having major debut in July and after that we will have one man tour. This year we will definitely be very busy to have performances in some summer festivals in Japan.

Beside playing instrument, what do your band members excel at?

Nakanishi : Fixing cars, i’m very detailed about cars.

Suzuki : Cooking. I’m very good in cooking especially Chinese foods because I like spicy foods.

Yamanaka :  Hmmm what am I good at? Hmmmmm…..(thinking)

Nakanishi : Talking. You’re good at talking.

Yamanaka : Ah, yes! I’m good at talking and I’m very humorous.

Akira : Sleeping. I can sleep anywhere! Zzzz… (imitating the snore sounds)

Any message for your fans in Indonesia?

Yamanaka : Actually my father is living in Bandung and I went to Bali last year to spent new year eve there. I enjoyed swimming in Bali. (laugh)

Suzuki : Indonesia probably is a really hot place like Singapore, we want to go there to perform too. But right now I feel maybe everybody watching our live from Youtube and in internet. If you guys like our performances, we will do our best to go to Indonesia one day. But if you guys can’t wait, you can go to Japan to see us!

THE ORAL CIGARETTES please do your best and hope to see you again in Indonesia someday!


Special thanks to Amuse Inc. Asia and Japan Night/Photos by Mikhael.

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