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DREAMS COME TRUE to release new album “ATTACK25”

Adestya Ayu July 15, 2014 Album Release, Releases 1,674 views
DREAMS COME TRUE to release new album “ATTACK25”

It was revealed that DREAMS COME TRUE (abbr. Dori Kamu) will release their 17th original album titled『ATTACK25』to celebrate their 25th anniversary on August 13.

It’s been three years and nine months since the previous album “LOVE CENTRAL” was released and the new album is going to be full of Dori Kamu taste and glorious fun!!!  It goes beyond usual “The best selection” album.

Since 2014 is their 25th anniversary since their debut so to celebrate this memorable anniversary, Sori Kamu is rather determined to move forward even more aggressively and positively than ever. “ATTACK25” in the album title shows their spirit they have kept in themselves throughout the 25 years. 

Some songs that are going to be in the album have also been revealed, such as

  • “AGAIN”
  • “MADE OF GOLD – featuring DABADA-“

Maybe some of you are already familiar with these songs through various tie-ins and commercials., for example, Again which is the the song for NTC news show “NEWS ZERO”.

There are also other eight brand new songs in addition from the previous songs. The new 8 songs are the ones on which the members recently confessed the creative process was like “just following the path the music led us” to write the songs.

The album contains 16 songs in total, full of fun and filled with joy. It is huge album in terms of length of content as well as of liberated musical freedom. No matter which song you listen to, you feel the power of 25 years of Dori Kamu.
Time passes, generation changes; but after listening to this album, you would know that the music of Dori Kamu is always with you, and will be.

A much waited nation tour will kick off on Aug.23, right after the release of this new album.
We hope you will get a copy of “ATTACK25” as an introduction to the tour. The stage will be full of love nurtured in the past 25 years. Join and feel it live with DREAMS COME TRUE.

● First limited press version (CD + bonus DVD) : ¥3,800 (w/o tax)/¥4,104 (w/ tax) ORDER HERE

→ 2 bonus tracks : “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY – 25TH Anniv. Mix – (AEON 40th Anniversary song) , and a previously unreleased track “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY – 2014 Pary Mix –
→ Bonus DVD contains newly filmed special video and more

● Normal press version (CD): ¥3,000 (w/o tax)/¥3,240 (w/ tax) ORDER HERE

New album “ATTACK25” special site: www.attack25.jp



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