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SMAP will perform for Fuji TV‘s “27 Hour Television”

Adestya Ayu July 26, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,531 views
SMAP will perform for Fuji TV‘s “27 Hour Television”

After having a public rehearsal on July 24th, SMAP will perform in Fuji TV’s tomorrow on July 27th for SMAP x Fuji TV’s “27 Hour TV”. The show will start on July 26th (18:30, JST) until July 27th.

In this year Fuji TV‘s “27 Hour Television” , SMAP members will serve as the hosts and that they will also have a live special, titled: “Doto no non-stop live!” starting at 7:00 PM onwards on July 27th.


This live will be performed in a special outdoor stage and  SMAP will perform a special medley for 45 minutes, noted as the longest medley ever for them, 7 minutes longer than their medley in their debut anniversary “SMAPxSMAP” last year when they performed 50 songs.

During the press conference SMAP revealed the secret of how they can performed live after being awake for more than 24 hours. Katori Shingo revealed that he’s fine staying-up late but for the likes of Inagaki and Kimura believes in “early to rise, early to bed” mantra to have healthier image. Nakai Masahiro also revealed that Inagaki is likely to get-up at 8am on that day and Inagaki joked that he seem to be doing a “40 hour TV” all alone.

Source : Jnewseng

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