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Quartet Night “Idol Song” Single CDs for Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret

Broccoli announced its newest installment in its Uta no Prince Sama otome game series, Uta no Prince Sama All Star After Secret, on Friday. Uta No Prince Sama All Star After Secret will have 2 endings for each of the 4 senior idols of Quartet Night (Reiji, Camus, Ai and Ranmaru) and individual episodes with each of the 7 junior idols. Although the game’s release date is not announced yet, 4 idols fromQuartet Night will each release 2 solo songs which will be used in the game starting in April and continued monthly with following solo single CD, ended by 2 new songs as a group (Quartet Night) to be released in August.

utpuri QN3rd1

utpuri QN

The voice actors from the previous games and anime will be returning for the new installment,  Shoutaro Morikubo as Reiji Kotobuki Idol Song solo CD ( released  April 30th 2014), Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ranmaru Kurosaki Idol Song solo CD (released May 28th 2014), Shouta Aoi as Ai Mikaze Idol Song solo CD (released June 25th 2014), and Tomoaki Maeno as Camus Idol Song solo CD ( released July 30th 2014). The opening theme song single, “Quartet Idol Song,” sung by the voice actor of QUARTET☆NIGHT will be released in Japan on August 27th 2014. Please look forward to welcome them again! 😉

utpuri QNQN

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