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WEAVER succesfully livened up TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Station

Adestya Ayu August 2, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,518 views
WEAVER succesfully livened up TV Asahi Roppongi Hills Summer Station

With overwhelming and powerful performance, WEAVER livened up the stage of Summer Station with some new great songs that they have prepared for their come back since they studied in London. This picture was posted in their facebook page.

summer sonic

For your information, this summer TV Asahi and Roppongi Hills are collaborating together for the festival that is held since July 19 to 24 August with Roppongi Hills as the venue. Admission is free, but reservations are needed for various attractions and require a processing fee of ¥108. Reservations can made from 10 a.m. three days in advance at Lawson and Mini Stop Loppi machines.

This is the collaboration’s first grand-scale event, which is aimed at all ages and features music, anime, drama and sports in the Roppongi Hills area.
Different artists will perform daily at Summer Station Music Live. Besides WEAVER, several other artists were scheduled to perform. Last July, Dempagumi.inc, Root Five and Knock Out Monkey were performed, and this August, they had May.J, X21, Super Girls and others. The Anime Heroes Stage Show features performances by some of Japan’s favorite TV characters, including HappinessCharge Precure!, Kamen Rider Gaim, Ressha Sentai ToQger and Doraemon.

At Arena Kitchen, visitors can watch the Local Foods Sales Ranking segment from the popular TV show “Onegai Ranking” (literally translated as “Please Ranking”) as well as enjoy Doraemon goods and foods, and TV Asahi announcer-themed crepes and smoothies.

The TV Asahi building is also hosting attractions, goods shops and special tours — all related to their most popular programming. And if all this is too much out-and-about fun in the summer heat, special kakigo¯ri shaved-ice desserts are being served at nearby Copen Local Base Roppongi, whose collection of mouth-watering toppings include cherry, cream cheese and milk.

If you happened to be in Japan this summer, do come and enjoy the event presented by TV ASAHI and Roppongi Hills. Maybe you can catch up with other artists performance, too  ^^

TV Asahi Roppongi Hills summer festival SUMMER STATION music live performing artists in August 2014.

August 1: WEAVER

August 2: BENI

August 3: Good Morning America

August 4 : 東京女子流

August 5: moumoon

August 6 : 家入レオ

August 7 秦 基博

August 8: X21

August 9 : SUPER☆GiRLS

August 10: WHITE ASH

August 10: チームしゃちほこ

August 11: Chris Hart

August 12: Naoto Inti Raymi

August 13 : 大原櫻子

August 14: May J.

August 15: ℃-ute

August 16 : Kiyokiba Shunsuke

August 17 : 湘南乃風

And starting this September,WEAVER will start their “ID” TOUR 2014 titled 「Leading Ship」. If you miss their performance in Summer Station, do catch their live in these schedule:

September 13 (Saturday) Fukuoka International Congress Center Main Hall
September 14 (Sun) Hiroshima Club Quattro
September 21 (Sun) Miyagi, Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai
September 23 (Tuesday) Niigata Ryutopia-theater
September 27 (Sat) Osaka ORIX Theater
October 4 (Saturday) Takamatsu Olive Hall
October 9 (Thursday) Nagoya City Auditorium Main Hall
October 19 (Sunday) Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
October 21 (Tuesday) Shibuya Kokkaido


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