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T.M. Revolution To Release New Single

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T.M. Revolution To Release New Single

It has been announced before that T.M.Revolution’s new song will be used in a commercial. The song “Phantom Pain” was written specifically for a commercial for Ikeda Mohando’s “Delicare M’s” in which Takanori Nishikawa himself performs.The commercial features a room lit by a chandelier with T.M.Revolution’s passionate singing backed by the dignified sound of violin. His heavy, black costume and streaming sweet give the impression of painful itching. But at the end of the commercial, he changes into a refreshing white costume. The refreshing song and video express the idea that using Delicare M’s can get rid of itchiness.

The new song “Phantom Pain” is a powerful ballad that makes the best possible use of T.M.Revolution’s poetic vocals, and the difference between the original song and the commercial version is enjoyable. The song is scheduled to be digitally released sometime soon, so please look forward to it. The commercial became available on Ikeda Mohando’s website on May 10 and has also begun airing nationwide as a television commercial.

Limited Edition

(CD + DVD containing MV and TV spot for the title track)

Price: 1,667 Yen + tax


Regular Edition (CD Only)

Price: 1,111 Yen + Tax


In the meantime, on August 6th Takanori wll release his single “Tsuki Yabureru -Time to SMASH!”, theme song for TV Tokyo’s anime “Disc Wars: The Advengers”. Do follow T.M.Revolution Twitter for the updates! [at]TMR15


Source: TMR Official Website , Sony Music Japan 

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