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Ikuta Toma and Shun Oguri to reunite in new TBS Drama

Adestya Ayu August 10, 2014 News, Off-Stage Reports 1,444 views
Ikuta Toma and Shun Oguri to reunite in new TBS Drama

It was announced that Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun will star in TBS drama, “Ouroboros“, to start January next year. It had been 8 years since their great combination in romantic comedy series Hana Kimi (2007). Ouroboros is the live action adaptation of Kanazaki Yuuya’s manga. There will be no silliness this time because Ouroboros is an action-packed crime thriller with sprinkles of mystery and psychology thrown in every corner of the scenes.

The story is about two orphans who promised to seek revenge for their “sensei” who was murdered. Fifteen years later, one became a police detective while the other is a yakuza. Together, they worked behind-the-scenes to conduct their revenge.

The two orphans, Ikuo Ryuzaki and Danno Tatsuya, were under the care of a benevolent person they called “Sensei” when they were small. However, their beloved Sensei is brutally killed. The police officers in charge of the investigation quickly wrap up the investigation as if nothing happened. 15 years later, Ryuzaki has become a police inspector and Tatsuya a Yakuza leader. With only vengeance on their minds, the two childhood friends secretly work together to avenge their Sensei and destroy the organization who had him killed.

Ikuta will play the role of Ikuo Ryuuzaki, a dull police detective but once his switch is turned-on, he can crush evil with his overwhelming fighting ability giving him 100% success rate in making arrest. Oguri will play Danno Tatsuya, a yakuza, who works to rise within the underworld with his outstanding looks and brain.

The drama has been planned since the manga became serialized in 2009, but due to conflicting schedules of the two actors, it hasn’t been pushed through until now. The two actors are reportedly fired-up to work together as filming will start by the end of November. Ikuta, who have read the original, said that Oguri is just suited to play Tatsuya as he for Ikuo. Oguri is also looking-forward to work again with Ikuta as he wants to be surprised on how much Ikuta have grown since the last drama series they worked on together.

“Ouroboros” will air January next year for TBS winter drama line-up.

Source : Jnewseng, mydramalist

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